Thursday, September 30, 2010

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This blog reflects the authors views on topics covered and by no means substitutes professional advise or legal counsel in any form or fashion. You should seek professional counsel before you act on any information you may find on this blog.

As a visitor, reader, subscriber or any other form of interaction with this blog together with its author (from now on only referred to as The Last Bear) you agree that you have decided to visit The Last Bear out of your own free will. Furthermore you agree that in the event that you take any information from The Last Bear and act on it out of your own free, you do so at your own risk.

Content Validity/Content Accuracy: The Last Bear is always in transition and evolves. While any effort will be made to privde accurate and up-to-date information, there is no guarantee that any infomration you may encouter at The Last Bear is accurate or up-to-date. Each visitor is responsible to check the accuracy as well as validity of the information obtained. The Last Bear attempts to fix mistakes detected, but there is no assurance that any such action will be successfull.

External Links: The Last Bear does link to third parties and also receives backlinks from third parties. The Last Bear has no control of what is provided by third parties and each visitor who wishes to follow those external links, does so out of their own free will and at their own risk. The Last Bear is neither responsible nor liable for potential harm caused by following external links.

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Libel and Defame: The Last Bear displays the opinion of the author and does not intend to malign or offend any individual, group, company, religion, club, association or anything else on this planet. Content is provided by the author and expresses the authors opinion only. The opinion of the authors is personal and The Last Bear does not provide professional or legal advise.

Comments: The Last Bear is open to comments and comments are moderated by the author. The Last Bear reserves the right to refuse comments without giving specific reasons. The Last Bear is not liable for external links posted in comments.

Do No Harm: The Last Bear follows a do no harm policy. The Last Bear does not intend to harm, defame or libel, but aims to inform, express and entertain. Anything expressed through The Last Bear is the authors opinion and should neither be taken as fact nor absolute. Anyone who wishes to follow anything obtained from The Last Bear does so out of their own free will and at their own risk. The Last Bear is not liable for potential harm and or damages caused.

Language/International, Cultural Laws: The Last Bear is written in English and not responsible for issues which may arise from the translation into another language. The Last Bear is not liable for defamatory statements towards governments, companies, associations, groups, individuals or anything else, dead or alive, on this planet. Each visitor the The Last Bear needs to ensure that they operate within the law which governs them.

Limits on Damages: The Last Bear is not liable for any harm or damages caused by anything expressed, obtained, viewed or any other form of interaction. The limit on financial claims towards The Last Bear is $0, since The Last Bear does not offer any professional service or counsel. Furthermore, each visitor decides to interact with The Last Bear out of their own free will and at their own risk. Each visitor waives the right to bring legal action or any other action against The Last Bear and anything or anyone connected or disconnected with The Last Bear.

Analysis/Recommendations/Forward Looking Statements: The Last Bear expresses from time to time analyses, recommendation and forward looking statements. All of the aforementioned are 100% the opinion of the author and do not substitute professional advise or counsel. The validity or accuracy is not guaranteed and The Last Bear is not responsible to update on the progress nor liable for any outcome, harm or damages caused by information obtained.

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