Thursday, July 5, 2012

Iran spins its propaganda mill once again

I am being woken up by an EMT worker who still runs standard checks to make sure I am not suffering from anything more serious than a blow to my head. I am lying on the floor, security guards around me who are being questioned as to whether they know what happened. At this point the security team has to go through the security footage in an attempt to find an answer to what went down or more important how it was possible.

An inside job is the first and only thing that comes to my mind. One of us betrayed the entire firm and orchestrated this assault, but why?

Sure, there has been an immense security breach, but no files are missing. The attacker or attacker did not obtain any information or maybe they would have if my unexpected presence would have not disturbed their plans, but what exactly where they after?

Iran claimed earlier today that they have the capabilities to strike 35 U.S. bases as far as 2,000 kilometers away, should an attack be carried out. They entered the third day of their military exercise in the Persian Gulf carried out by the Revolutionary Guard. One key aspect is the tests of their Great Prophet 7 ballistic missile. The EU has just decided this past Sunday on a full embargo which will ban EU member states to purchase oil from the 5th biggest oil exporter.

Iran has also threatened multiple times that they would block the Strait of Hormuz which would keep one-third of global oil supplies at bay. Commanders of the Revolutionary Guard claim they would police and protect all oil tankers and view the presence of the 5th Pacific Fleet as a threat, especially Task Force 57 as well as Task Force 58.

My meeting has been delayed. I have to get going and tell the EMT that I am fine. The vault has been locked down until a full investigation has been launched. My flash drive will not be accessible to me or anyone else despite my security clearance.

I rush out the building after I agreed to come in tomorrow morning for routine questioning, standard procedure in a security related issue at the firm. The meeting about the Syrian situation has to be done without the research and intel on the flash drive. Syria did down a Turkish aircraft in international space after the Turkish aircraft briefly violated sovereign Syrian airspace.

President Assad apologized for the incident, but Turkey remains firm in their position and has increased their troop level and movement along the Turkish-Syrian border while suspending military contact with Syria. This is a concern and opportunity for the firm and this meeting is key in a series of upcoming high-level meetings.
As I get to the street the driver pulls around and I get into the car and we drive off.

How close does Iran and Syria operate at the moment? What is Iraq’s involvement? Will we finance the next step through the help of global financial markets?

Questions we try to answer, starting with tonight’s delayed meeting. We have a tail is what my driver informs me off.


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