Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Iran hosts NAM Summit, Assad pledges victory

It is obvious that so far this conference has been dominated by two themes. The first theme is the Syrian civil war as well as the Iranian nuclear program. Syria reportedly carried out the biggest attack in a single day since the conflict started on August 25th and killed 440 rebels and rebel supporters. President Assad reassured his supporters that the regime will win the war no matter the cost and reiterated claims that a foreign plot was to blame for the rebel strength and armament.

Turkey has stopped over 6,000 refugees from entering the country while Lebanon informed its Palestinian refugees from Syria that they will need to leave the country in 15 days. The conflict left over 2,600 members of the Syrian Security Forces dead. Rebel forces did shoot down a fighter jet which was a clear indicator that there has been and is foreign intervention which can, is and will be viewed by the Assad regime, rightfully so, as an attack on its sovereignty.

Iran, Syria's biggest ally, has spun its propaganda machinery and continues to speed up its nuclear program as it moves closer and closer to the development of a nuclear warhead. Iran, proud member of the Non-Aligned Movement or NAM as it is called, took over the three year presidency of NAM and defies isolation from the West. NAM was founded in 1961 to counter Western domination on the international playground.

NAM, which many discard as a dysfunctional body POS countries, does carry certain weight and importance among its members as 80 members dispatching diplomats at the level of minister or higher while 50 send their head of state. Iran, as well as all the other POS-NAM countries, will use this platform in order to complain about the rest of the world and swear a united front in the fight against whatever it is they claim to fight.

The conflict in Syria will dominate talks and Iran welcomes the newly elected Egyptian President Mursi to Tehran which marks the first visit by an Egyptian President since the Islamic revolution of 1979. There have been rumors that Tehran invited the leader of the terrorist group Hamas to join the NAM summit which caused further divide in the Middle East. Tehran denied those reports as usual.

Whenever one dysfunctional, powerless and unimportant body meets they love to invite the crème de la crop of useless international bodies, the United Nations, in order to create a sense of accomplishment and success. The UN happily send Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon to the NAM summit. He was asked to meet opposition leaders at a side conference.

NAM will have absolutely no impact on anything but will provide pathetic underachievers a platform to interact and it will give diplomats a reason to travel and waste tax payers money. Tehran has declared a five day public holiday as a result of the NAM summit in order to address potential traffic problems and security issues. The opposition has been warned not to use the NAM summit in order to restart the protests which where front and center during the last election in Iran in 2009.


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