Wednesday, September 5, 2012

46.7 Million on SNAP eat away $75.7 Billion

The next speaker at the conference rips my out of my reflections on the two themes which dominated the conference so far (Iran hosts NAM Summit, Assad pledges victory; U.S. Regulators are Desperate and Pathetic). It has been a long and tiring conference so far. It is hard to focus especially on the next speaker up which will strike a topic that bores me to an extend. The good news is that he will rattle through it in no time.

As I take a look around I can't help but notice that I am not the only one disinterested in the U.S. Department of Agriculture report about food stamp usage or SNAP as some pencil pusher labeled it to give it a more hype name. How ridiculous has our society become to give a social project which currently eats away over $6.2 billion per month or in excess of $75 billion per year in order to feed 46.7 million Americans in 22.4 million households.

In essence this translates that over 46 million would starve to death if we eliminate SNAP. The country can not afford to spend $72 billion per year, a number which will soon reach $100 billion per year, in order to feed one-sixth of the population. Paul Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, offered a plan to the House of Representatives in order to cut spending on SNAP by $33 billion over the next ten years.

The USDA has pushed food stamp participation which shows the incompetence as well as stupidity of the socialists. Barack Hussein Obama has already been labeled the 'Best Food Stamp President' in our history by Newt Gingrich. Obama tries to buy votes for the election by SNAPers and digs around in the lowest circles of the food chain. He throws them a crumb and begs for a vote.

Imagine the rush into SNAP once the Second Great Depression layers the U.S. More and more families will be forced to seek assistance in order to simply survive. The unemployment rate, the real one, approaches 20%. Less and less quality jobs have been created since the Great Recession and the Dumbama campaign wasted hundreds of billions of dollar to create short-term low income jobs which all relied on SNAP to survive.

$75 billion per year is spend in order to feed people. SNAP became a giant soup kitchen. People get used to assistance and after a period of long-term employment do not bother to resolve their situation, but rather accept their new life. We house them, we feed them and they reproduce. The speaker has now captured all our attention and his proposal, which many may view as radical and heartless, has given plenty of substance for discussions.

He proposed to cut the program altogether. Tough times call for tough measures. It will free up $75 billion to make improvements in areas of the economy which will benefit those who do not require assistance. Yes, it will result in the potential death of over 46 million citizens, but it will ease the strain on the economy. We are over populated and the numbers keep spiraling out control. It may even send a message that the government will not keep you alive by taking from others so before you start a family make sure you are able to support it.

Tax dollars would not be wasted on social programs and we would strive to create a sustainable society as well as environment. The positive impacts the rest of the country would feel is worth the high price we need to pay. It would be a lot of temporary problems which would lead to sustainable long-term improvements. The speaker outlined a clear plan and talked us through it step-by-step with his presentation which turned out to be rather long, informative and interesting.

After the presentation we took some time to discuss the proposal and potentially work on plans to implement it. Social unrest and riots would dominate the stage for a few months, there may not be enough man power to protect the system unless we would declare martial law until the situation would be resolved. There are plenty of problems which need to be addressed in order to implement the elimination of SNAP.

Either way, this heated and highly controversial presentation has sparked debate and at the very least woke us up and prepared us for the next point of discussion.


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