Friday, September 21, 2012

Greece Continues to Struggle

I ask the commander of my security team about their loyalty. A puzzled look is soon replaced by a response. The commander assures me loyalty to the cause. I give the other five member under his command a glance as they all stand at attention. Very pleased with the commanders response I want to know if his team would give their life in order to save mine if that would ever come up.

The commander swears loyalty to the cause and loyalty to me. He pledges the life of his men and himself to protect me no matter at what cost. His men repeat after the commander. I have a six member security team of highly trained operatives from various countries under my direct command who are willing to give their life so I may live and continue my work.

We all believe in what we do. The commander requests permission to ask me a question which I grant him. He wants to know if I am willing to die for the cause. I move a step closer to him and inform him that I am willing to go even further than that and live for the cause. He salutes me with a renewed sense of pride. A great soldier who respects the chain of command and executes orders without asking questions. He trusts his superiors, in this case me.

I will take time today to review each member's profile and schedule a 30 minute session with each member in order to get to know them better. Time I do not have, but need to make available since those six members have put their life in my hands and await my orders. They will not move from my side and are proud to have been selected as my personal security detail. My girlfriend may not be as thrilled as I am about the additional exemption of privacy, but I will find a way to make it work. She is on her way to Singapore to spend a week with me.

We are headed to my office and an aide is outside with an update on the Greek situation. Greece has been and is being used as a warning to the socialist governments of Germany and France to not interfere with free markets to an excessive degree and that there is a limit of abuse we are willing to accept as a capitalistic society. Both governments have pushed far beyond the limits and the proposed financial transaction tax was the final cause for our FWU to be deployed.

The United Kingdom, under the grace of her majesty, was the sole defender of free market capitalism and we have all pledged our allegiance to the crown. The UK was the sole reason the tax was voted down 26-1 in the EU, but Germany as well as France continued to push for it. The deployment of out FWU has caused German Chancellor Angela Merkel to withdraw her support for the financial transaction tax which left France the sole supporter of among the Big Three in the EU of the tax.

Greece has struggled ever since then, but for the time being we have backed off and allow the market to deal with the stupidity and fraud Greece displayed over the past thirteen years. Our FWU remains alert and is prepared to act if the socialists continue their crusade to kill all capitalists. The socialists need to be aware that if a FWMD is released on a country, the effects will not be able to be reversed.

The Troika continues to push Greece to meet the €11.5 billion in budget cuts which are required in order for Greece to receive the next installment of the bailout package. So far the coalition government has not agreed to any package, but rumors have it that €9.5 billion in budget cuts have been identified. Even if those cuts will be agreed on, which the socialists in Greece oppose, the government is still €2 billion short and Troika will leave Athens on September 23rd.

The €11.5 billion in budget cuts will ensure the reception of an additional €31.5 million from the first bailout package. Greece needs to continue down the path of austerity and eventually surrender its sovereignty to EU receivership which will allow Brussels to make day-to-day decisions about Greece and render the Greeks useless in governing their own country. The socialists oppose any cuts and claim there is a limit for cuts and austerity.

Exactly, there is a limit and t is no secret that the Eurozone wants a Greek exit despite the talks about commitment to all members. The fact is that Greece lied and with the help of Goldman Sachs and financial engineering constructed a fraudulent balance sheet which granted the country admission to the Eurozone. Since nobody wants to admit that Greece needs to leave, Portugal will be next, current steps have been taken to force Greece out by pushing the limits until the Greeks voluntarily exit the Eurozone.

A Greek exit is the only way to contain the Greek tragedy and the only solution for Greece who would no longer be subject to outside control and will be able to at least attempt a recovery. The sooner Greece decides to exit the Eurozone the better it will be for all participants. Given current circumstances there is simply no room for Greece in the Eurozone and they have been allowed for too long to hold the rest of Europe hostage.


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