Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Iran doubles Nuclear Capacity at Fordow

The security chief finally starts his briefing on the attack on our HQ. It was a six member team which carried out the attack. All team members formerly belonged to special forces units from various governments. Our counter-surveillance and counter-terrorism units pursued the intruders immediately after the attack and caught three members before they left the building.

An additional two were stopped outside the perimeter, but one is still at large. No data was stolen from the HQ and the integrity of the safe remains intact. The main reason for concern is the security breach itself. Our offices have never been made and now we had an ordered hit by a currently unknown enemy. This said enemy has hired a six member team of highly trained operatives in order to conduct an operation for yet unknown reasons.

We do not know for certain what their target was, but it appears that they did not go for confidential data. The current assessment of the threat level causes security to take into consideration that their target was a member of C-level management with top security clearance. This narrows the list of potential targets within our firm. The total number of targets is limited to three individuals. The five members who have been retained did not give away their contractor yet. Neither have they spoken about their specific contract, but it appears that the entity who hired them doubled up as an insurance policy and hired to trained assassins for each target.

One of the detained assassins is a former member of Iran's Quds Force. Two other members are Middle Eastern while the remaining two are European. A six member security detail will be assigned to all three individual who may have been the target of the attack. After we get the detainees to disclose their specific contract we will know the target within the firm. I am one of the three potential targets despite not being directly involved in any Iran related operations.

The one thing we do is monitor and oppose Iran's nuclear ambitions. Recent reports show that Iran has doubled its nuclear underground capacity from 1,064 to 2,140. Iran has doubled centrifuges which it protects in an underground bunker at Fordow, a report by IAEA inspectors shows. Iran may have already conducted nuclear test at its Parchin military complex as Tehran dismantled buildings and removed earth from the site which made it impossible for IAEA inspectors to visit the site.

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, continues to claim that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful. Those claims where not humorous the first time he made them and they continue to lack the comedic aspect a joke usually strives for. It is time for diplomats to realize that diplomacy has miserably failed. Iran laughs at economic sanctions which do not hinder its operations. It is time for military intervention unless we want to face a nuclear armed extremist country.

Iran has produced 190 kilograms of 20% enriched uranium and is roughly 10 kilograms away from the production of its first nuclear warhead. Iran has moved all operation critical infrastructure underground and out of reach of even the most advanced bunker busters allied as well as hostile Air Forces have in their arsenal. Iran is 10 kilograms away from declaring victory and moves the game to the next level. We have failed with North Korea and we will fail again thanks to diplomacy which was out of place.

Iran may remain within its commitments to the NPT it signed until it has at least five bombs in its arsenal. Even one nuclear warhead is enough to cause severe interruptions to the global infrastructure. Iran may share its capabilities with other hostile nations who are current members of NAM which Iran hosts the presidency over for the next three years.

I begin to understand why an unknown contractor has put together a six member team of assassins. At least it narrows down the field of potential entities. I assume we should get to work and see which two assassins where contracted to kill who. The conference is finally over and I missed the sunrise over Singapore. Given all current developments I head to my office as we all leave the conference room. My six member security detail meets me outside the conference room and the commanding officer awaits my orders.


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