Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Siemens Took Actions against Iran

I am about to call in the commander of my security team for the 30 minute interview as one of the aides knocks on my door. I waive him in and he has an urgent update on the Iranian situation. It is a developing story which unfolded on Sunday. All current efforts to slow down the Iranian nuclear program have failed. Diplomacy halted government military action and nobody in the private military field has taken any action so far.

The aide places the classified folder on my desk and informs me that rumors have it this is a very positive development. I am curious to find out what has happened while we were emerged in our conference. I thank the aide who quickly disappears back to his work station. As the aide exits my office the commander of my security team enters my office right on time. I motion for him to take a seat and tell him to wait a few moments as I scan the report which just landed on my desk.

An Iranian law maker made accusations that German conglomerate Siemens has planted explosive devices in equipment it sold to Iran for use in Iran's nuclear program. Those devises were meant to explode after the equipment would have been installed and sabotage the entire nuclear program. Siemens denies those allegations and a spokesman for the Munich based company reaffirmed that Siemens is not involved in Iran's nuclear program and does not supply equipment for it.

Siemens has to deny involvement in equipment sales to Iran due to EU sanctions on Iran, but they engaged in similar backdoor tactics the Koch brothers did in order to boost sales to tech hungry Iran. At least the management, or part of the management, realized that it was a mistake and decided to take action against the growing Iranian nuclear threat. Maybe it was a plot from the start. Gain Iran's trust, sell them redlisted equipment and then sabotage it in order to bring down nuclear operations.

The head of Iran's national security and foreign policy committee, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, made comments about Siemens sabotage act in Iran's paramilitary network ICANA and stated that Siemens needs to be held accountable for its actions against Iran. Iran is known for its accusations against the Western world as well as Israel when it comes to sabotaging its nuclear program. Accusations ranged from planting computer viruses to assasinations of Iran's nuclear scientists.

It is a very welcomed development to see a company take actions where diplomacy did not allow action to be taken.Maybe other companies will be inspired by this positive development and will act in a similar manner. Iran foiled this attempt which exposed Siemens dealings with Iran, but Siemens should only be congratulated as they have at least showed willingness to act.

I put the report back on my desk and ask the commander what his reasons are to be part of the firm. He swore his loyalty and is willing to give his life for the greater cause. He requests permission to speak freely and off the record which I grant him without hesitation. His response was somewhat unexpected but quite welcome to hear.


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