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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Syrian Troops continue Battle

My girlfriends visit draws to a close and she has to head to the airport in two hours as her flight departs early in the morning. She wakes me up with a soft kiss on my lips. As I open my eyes and look into her eyes I draw her closer for a passionate kiss. We both know that we won't see each other for at least three weeks and turn this beautiful morning into a very passionate act of love making as if the world would cease to exist after we both give in to orgasmic waves which take away the last of our energy.

As my girlfriend disappears in the shower my phone rings. She asks me to let it ring and join her in the shower knowing that this is an important call and that I will not be able to just let it go. I hear her telling me it is my loss and I throw the phone on the bed and surprise her in the shower. This world will be able to function without me for another 20 minutes as I join my girlfriend in the shower. I won't see her again and we need to remind ourselves why we are doing what we are doing. Every great soldier needs to be aware of why they fight each battle.

We continue our passionate act in the shower and enjoy each others company. She asked me about the call and I told her it could wait and that what we have right now is more important than any emergency this world may throw at us. We finish our shower with a long kiss filled with desire. She knew that there will be times we will be in different parts of the world, but it never makes it easier. I arranged for breakfast to be brought to our room so we can enjoy it together before she is headed to the airport.

I exit the shower and get dresses. I pick up my phone and saw several missed calls from the office. I decide to enjoy breakfast with my girlfriend before I contact HQ and find out what could not wait until she is airborne. We engage into random conversation as we enjoy breakfast together. The sunrise over the harbor lights up our room and we spend a few moments in silent emerged into each others eyes. My security team arrives in time and we are headed to the airport. I am not supposed to leave as the final assassin has not been processed yet, but a risk I am  willing to take.

My phone rings again and as we are in the car my girlfriend asks me to take it so we can enjoy the last moments together uninterrupted. I thought the same and answered before she finished her sentence. HQ is somewhat furious, but clearly understands the circumstances that lead to me ignoring the calls. It is an update about the civil war in Syria. The U.N brokered a cease fire which both sides accepted, but immediately violated the following day.

Assad forces battled the insurgents in several cities including the capital Damascus. The insurgents were first to comment that there have been a total of 287 violations of the cease fire. The rebels broke the cease fire by attacking a military camp. The Syrian military said it would honor the cease fire, but would respond to rebel attacks. The cease fire would have been used by aid groups to deliver assistance to the roughly 1.2 million who need humanitarian assistance.

The war has claimed over 35,000 lives as outside forces continue to supply equipment to the rebels which allows them to keep the fight alive and terrorize Syria. Russia has proposed to call all sides to negotiations, an offer refused by the international community as several countries support the rebel insurgency and welcome the terror innocent Syrian citizens endure.

We need to increase support for the Russian proposed negotiations as this rebel insurgency needs to be removed so that Syria can rebuild its country. The chemical stockpiles remain under government control and the rebels have not been able to gain any chemical agents which would be devastating. We agree on a conference call in order to identify the main backers of the rebel insurgency and cut off their means to fund this terror against Syria.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rosneft snaps up TNK-BP

I made plans to turn our dining hall at HQ into a romantic café for two and had the chef from the Santi come over and prepare some of his specialties. As we both sit there with nothing more than a few candle lights illuminating the room I tell her what I am able to tell her about the last 96 hours. Being a woman she is very worried about what she heard and she was never a big fan of not knowing everything while she loved the mystery and secrecy around my persona.

We do not get to spend as much time together as we would want, which makes the time we do spend together that much more enjoyable. She will be in town for a few days and I look forward to spend as much time as possible with her.We talk about random things over dinner which is very relaxing for me and allows me to clear my head. I enjoy getting lost in her beautiful eyes.

As dessert is being served she struck a topic which was very unusual for her as she asked me about Rosneft and their bit for TNK-BP. I asked her a bit surprised how she knew about it as she responded that I mentioned it over dinner the last time (Rosneft emerges as third bidder for BP-TKN). I leaned back in my chair as I finish my dessert and look at her. She returns it with her unforgettable smile which lights up the room even more than the candles and reminds me when we were first introduced.

I remember as our eyes locked for the very first time at a club we used to go to after a hard day of work. The club was crowded and as we turned the corner to head over to the VIP section it appears as the entire dance-floor created a corridor for us to see each other. She was standing just outside the VIP area with two of her friends and as I entered in this pathway she looked into my direction, swirled her her around and our eyes met immediately. As I approached her we could feel the sexual energy building up and before the night was over the energy was so thick in the air that you could have cut a piece of it with a knife and take it home into your own bedroom.

I can see how she is impatiently waiting for a response. I tell her that Rosneft has offered $55 Billion in order to purchase all of TNK-BP and also agreed to offer BP a roughly 20% stake in the company. This transaction will allow Rosneft to pump more oil than Exxon Mobil does. The Kremlin backed this transaction which was the best overall choice out there for all parties involved.

BP will own 19.75% of the state controlled company and also received $12.3 Billion in cash as well as two seats on the board. BP brings its expertise as well as technology and combines it with the financial power and resources of Rosneft in order to create one of the world's biggest and most profitable oil companies. AAR will receive $28 Billion and less negotiating power in the new company.

Rosneft has become more of a laggard in the industry while TKN-BP emerged as a leader and probably Russia's most profitable energy company. The main problem with the venture was that all its oil fields are mature and AAR has blocked BP's plans to further explore Russian assets as it sought closer ties with the Kremlin and distant itself from BP.

This deal is great news for Russia and shows the type of transaction necessary in order to modernize the Russian energy sector and drive it forward. Russia is the biggest oil producing country and possesses vast undiscovered oil as well as gas fields especially in its Arctic territories as well as Siberia.

Friday, October 19, 2012

U.S. posts 4th Year with $1 Trillion plus Deficit

An exhausting week has left me extremely tired as my weekend was loaded with an attack on our HQ, a high level conference and a busy global military circus. My girlfriend is currently being driven to HQ where I look forward to have dinner with her and relax for a few hours. The only thing that stands between dinner with her is one quick video conference with a few updates on key issues.

I log into our virtual conference room a few moments before the first update is delivered. Number one on the agenda is Dumbama's spending spree which added over $5 Trillion to the national deficit in the past four years. The latest shortfall for fiscal year 2012 stands at $1.1 Trillion, which marks the fourth consecutive year of deficits which top the one trillion mark.

The deficit as compared to GDP is the highest since post WWII in 1947. Total national debt exceeded $16 Trillion and is over 100% GDP. Those levels are not sustainable and Washington has no plans to act on the twin deficits which will drive the U.S. off a fiscal cliff potentially before the year is over or early in 2013. Financial Armageddon will not be avoided and the public as well as the government is not prepared for such an event.

Next is the withdrawal of insurers of naval vessels who carry or store Iranian Oil. The withdrawal was caused after Vitol defied sanctions imposed on Iran and traded, stored and delivered Iranian fuel oil. Little known shipping firm Glammarine was also involved in the movement of Iranian oil. Titan was heavily involved in the transaction as well and is being sold to Chinese oil trader Guangdong Zhenrong Energy Company, LTD which is owned by blacklisted Zhuhai Zhenrong. The parent company was blacklisted as it is the biggest supplier of Iranian oil products. New York based private equity firms is invested in Titan through a 10% stake and attempts to unwind its bad investment through courts in Bermuda.

British insurer North of England P&I Association has withdrawn insurance for Titan and its fleet which renders the fleet useless and in need to locate a replacement for the lost insurer. EU insurers underwrite roughly 90% of the global shipping market which will make it very challenging for Titan to continue operations. Titan has suffered from operating losses over the past five years.

The Leader of Pakistan's militant group Tehrik-i-Taliban, Maulawi Dadullah, was killed in an airstrike in Afghanistan together with ten other militants on August 24th according to ISAF sources. His deputy, Shakir, was amongst those ten militants who were killed in the province of Kunar together with Dadullah. Dadullah organized movements of weapons as well as fighters and organized attacks on coalition forces. He was replaced by Maulana Abu Bakar

Taliban fighters have previously launched their third attack on the main Pakistani Air Force base near Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, in retaliation of Pakistan's seven month long ban on NATO using the base as a supply route into Afghanistan in order to support military operations on the ground.

Pakistan announced a new military offensive in the province of North Waziristan which is a tribal region used by the Haqqani militant group as a base from which fighters launch attacks on coalition forces. The son of the founder of the Haqqani militant group, Badruddin, may have been killed a week earlier by a drone strike.

This was the end of the short video conference in order to update all c-level executives as well as commanders of recent developments. I log off the virtual conference room and head to the bathroom in order to refresh myself before my girlfriend arrives. I hope we will be able to enjoy a few quiet hours together which will be a much needed distractions from the events of the past 96 hours.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Switzerland's Operation Stabilo Due

Military activity has been on the rise across the globe. It appears that plenty of countries have increased their operations over the past decade. We have had a very busy year so far and as the newest report lands on my desk I read it with surprise as a very unlikely country decides to join the increase in military activity.

Switzerland, a country known to be as boring as watching grass grow, has launched operation 'Stabilo Due'. It is very rare that the Swiss military engages in any operations which makes this one even more interesting. Switzerland, once known for its excellent secrecy which it gave up like a cheap prostitute gives up her most valued assets for lump change. The U.S. as well as France and Germany have pressured Switzerland into a self-destruction mode as those socialistic compilations of dried skunk feces could not bare the fact that their citizens got tired of being anally as well orally assaulted and moved their assets to an onshore save haven.

Switzerland created a booming private banking industry which allowed the country to prosper amidst challenging economic time periods as it repeatedly offered the socialist bacillus maximus the only sophisticated solution to their tax evasion issues which is lower taxes. Switzerland did not really care that those unable to comprehend economic policies were left to engage into the act of self-induced orgasms while those who subscribe to government-free market policies enjoy a prolonged phase of sexual enjoyment before ejaculating over the socialist scum.

Switzerland, neither a member of the European Union nor the Eurozone, created a blueprint in 2010 in order to protect the country from social unrest due to economic hardship. Swiss commanders have outlined possible national security threats from warring Swiss factions as well as economic refugees from the EU periphery as well as France. The Swiss defense ministry has left the door open to potential troop deployment to its borders in order to halt refugees from entering the country.

Internal security is handled by police, but given the increased possibility for national unrest due to the global economic meltdown the police may request assistance from the Swiss Military in order to ensure stability and to secure the borders from those socialists running away from the idiotic policies they voted for. Switzerland may even declare martial law and is best advised to announce to all countries that it will use lethal force to repel refugees.

Over 2,000 troops took part in operation 'Stabilo Due' which spanned eight regions across Switzerland. Switzerland has roughly 135,000 active troops with an additional 80,000 in reserve duties. The land forces are divided into two armored brigades which consist of one staff company, one logistics company, two tank companies as well as two mechanized infantry companies each. Furthermore, the Swiss military has two infantry brigades, two mountain infantry brigades, one reserve infantry battalion as well as one reserve mountain infantry battalion. 

The Swiss Air Force consists of roughly 230 aircraft as well as 1,600 active troops and their primary role is air defense as well as ground based air defense. The primary fighters used for air defense are 33 F-18 Hornets as well as 54 F-5 Tigers in dire need of replacement with modern Fifth Generation aircraft. Switzerland already announced the purchase of 22 JAS 39 Gripen. They already replaced their aging fleet of 20 helicopters made by Aerospatial with 20 Eurocopters. The Swiss Air Force deploys the 'FLORAKO' air defense system and their ground based air defense systems are comprised of 45 Oerlikon 35mm Twin Cannon AAA batteries, 288 FIM-92 Stinger batteries and 54 Rapier mobile missile batteries.

Given that Switzerland is a landlocked country they do not possess high-sea naval forces but maintain a fleet of patrol boats in order to guard their lakes. Switzerland has also build radiation and bomb shelters which are able to house 114% of the Swiss population in case of need. Switzerland does have the biggest military in Europe based on population.

Switzerland engages into a sophisticated approach and is advised to continue upgrades of their brigades in order combat the threat of socialist refugees which are likely to attempt border crossings and under no circumstances should the Swiss government allow such an insurgence. The biggest Swiss mistake by the government was the notion to abandon what build Switzerland which was a strong and secret private banking sector. This has forced hundreds of billions of Swiss Francs out of the country.

Switzerland needs to reverse its current course and stop playing to the tune of the U.S., France and Germany. There has been unrest in the political system which leaves hope for a full reversal of current policy and the reinstatement of bank secrecy laws in the eye of the fiscal storm in order to shore up finances which the Swiss government will need for border security as well as the prevention of local unrest. 

After I read the report I get on the phone to contact our Swiss assets and conclude about the stage of Swiss military upgrades and how to increase purchasing power of the current CHF 4 Billion defense budget. It is vital to replace aging equipment and modernize the Swiss military. The Air Force needs a multi-billion injection in order to have at least 200 5th Generation Fighter Jets as well as 50 Attack Helicopters for ground support. Switzerland may develop into an interesting playground.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Covert War in North Africa

The CMO closes the door behind him as we step into my office. We are short on time on this pressing issue. There has been a severe increase in covert operations as well as black operations in Northern Africa. Washington has ordered countless small special forces strike teams to American embassies in North Africa, together with an even bigger amount of unauthorized operatives in order to carry out fast precision strikes against terrorists or hostage rescue situations.

The problem is that we need to map all operatives Washington send in order to get a much better picture of the overall arena. Another issues is that most operatives have been on the ground for over six months and have yet to engage into meaningful counter-terrorism as well as counter-intelligence operations. All we currently know is that taxpayers dollars are being wasted. This information comes from confidential sources.

One of our contracts consists of the supply of man power, equipment and capital in the same region for the same purposes on an unofficial base. As an operational base we were given facilities within embassies without the ambassadors knowledge of operations which is standard operating procedure in the intelligence community.

One major issue is the unpreparedness of the official special forces commandos ont´the ground as evident in the Benghazi attack in Libya which killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens together with three other American as al-Qaida militants surrounded a lightly guarded U.S. compound and set it on fire. This incident was very worrisome and happened on September 11th of this year.

We are worried that our assets are at risk, reports the CMO. We need to step up our own operating procedures and potentially move out of embassies and government compounds in certain areas in order to ensure the safety of our assets on the ground. Should one of our operatives be uncovered, captured or killed we may face an international incident which we need to avoid at all costs. Our contingency as well as SAR plans need to be re-examined and streamlined if necessary.

Requests for additional security in Benghazi were repeatedly denied despite a string of attacks on the compound in the months before the deadly attack. So far there are counter-terrorism forces in 75 countries. Those troops are supported by unmanned aerial drone strike forces which have seen increased action as the war on terror has moved away from the public spotlight and focuses more on covert operations carried out by Delta Force units.

The Pentagon denies any joint military operations in the North Africa and the majority of Delta Force operatives represent liaison officers in order to establish contacts in the region and progress has been extremely slow in order to get all parties to pull together on the same string. Unfortunately, global security does not have the luxury to wait for each country to set up their teams and strike against terrorists which is why our firm was given the contract to provide those services to the region.

North Africa has been a hotspot for al-Qaida and their sister networks which have gained control over several regions. Governments ask for outside assistance to reclaim those territories which have been a lucrative market for private military contractors. We will have to revisit our contingency plans and I ask the CMO to gather his staff and proceed immediately and provide me with a report while I get one of our own units to commence operations on the financial side at once.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Saakashvili Close to Ouster

My private line risks and it is my girlfriend who informs me that she landed in Singapore and that she is in the safe hands of my security detail. She asked me what was going on as we was never a big fan of personal security and only accepted it under severe protest. I told her that she should not worry and that we will catch up over dinner.

I am headed to the kitchen for some coffee. I could have called on my personal assistant to bring me my coffee, but I enjoy a little stroll through the office every so often especially now that I may be confined to HQ until the sixth assassin will be processed. I do not think my girlfriend has pictured her weekend with me like this, but I will handle that situation over dinner. As I walk to the kitchen the Chief Military Officer joins me and we engage into some small talk.

We give each other minor updates. I inform him about the latest developments in the merger talks between BAE Systems and EADS (BAE, EADS continue Merger Talks) while he updates me on the Georgian elections which finally ousted idiotic President Saakashvili. The news of his electoral defeat is a very positive development as he has done nothing besides causing tensions on the global scene including a military conflict with Russia in 2008.

Saakashvili, a former CIA asset who was believed to be an ally of the Western world and helped to power by third parties, has used his false power for the wrong reasons which included the murder of seven Russian peacekeepers, one of them the Chief of Staff, on October 3rd 2008. Seven additional peacekeepers were wounded. Saakashvili initiated the aggression and as he faced a fraction of the Russian military which was dispatched in order to repel the attacks on South Ossetia and Russian citizens.

Georgia launched a massive military operation and gained control of South Ossetia and took control of the capitol, Tskhinvali. Russia dispatched five battalions from the Russian 58th Army as well as Russian Airborne Troops to the region in order to reclaim the territory. The conflict ended as Georgian forces barricaded themselves in the capitol and their pathetic excuse of a President understood that there is no help on the way for the war he started. Western nations stood down and eventually Saakashvili had to surrender as he saw his little military crushed in less than 100 hours.

His defeat in the latest elections is a very welcome development and will allow some improvement in Russian-Georgian relations. The victory of the the opposition shows willingness by the Georgian people to open communication channels with Russia in order to improve relations as they understand it is vital to have good relations with your intimidate neighbors than to please a former world power on the brink of total collapse.

New Georgian President Ivanishvili understand that he has a challenging task at hand, but is committed to improve relations with Russia. Ousted worthless collection of chromosomes Saakashvili claims that Russia interfered with the elections in the same manner the U.S. interfered in his own election campaign in order to win the election. Unlike the U.S., Russia stayed out of the sovereignty of Georgia during the election campaign.

NATO claims it will remain committed to Georgia, but it will refuse entrance into the alliance thanks to heavy opposition from Germany as well as France. The U.S. lobbies for admittance into the alliance. The U.S. is crumbling and allies have to pick sides. It becomes more and more apparent that they will foster a good relationship with Russia and the CIS than with the U.S.

We are pouring our coffees and as I am about to exit the kitchen in order to attend to my terminal the CMO stops me and asks me for a moment of my time in order to discuss the MENA region, the NA part more than the ME part. I ask him to accompany me into my office in order to talk in a secure location. There have been some developments in North Africa which may require immediate action.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BAE, EADS continue Merger Talks

I call in the second in command of my six member security team and ask him the same questions I have asked the commander. His response was similar and he informed me that the other four will respond in the same way. He told me he would want to save me some time, so I decide to call the other four members in my office to conduct the interviews and move on to more pressing matters.

One of the them has an update on the interrogation of the five detained assassins. Two of them have been broken and they revealed their target. One of them was contracted to execute the Chief Military Officer while the other one was supposed to assassinate the Chief Financial Officer. They did give away the name of their co-assassins which made the task much easier for us. The CMO as well as CFO have been informed of the latest results.

Those four will be flown to an offshore facility and face execution. One remains in custody and has not revealed his target directly, but we have to assume it was the Chief Investment Officer. I look out the window and see the Singapore harbor in the distance. So, the CIO was the third target. One assassin has been detained and one is at large and trained to complete his mission at all costs which means he will be back. Fortunately, I have a six member security team which will protect me from a second attack.

The commander joins us and he understand that I have received the news. He also says the five assassins are flown to Bravo Foxtrot Delta for processing or in other words execution. We have one at large and the commander decides to split the team in two while I set up shop in HQ until the threat has been neutralized. Four members will remain with me at all times and two will go out and hunt him down. I need two guards to drive to the airport and pick up my girlfriend who is supposed to land in two hours.

As my office clears out I return my attention to the BAE-EADS merger. The French as well as German governments who together with Lagardere and Daimler own 22% of EADS have agreed to each receive a 9% stake in the new company, which would be the world's biggest defense contractor. The UK government agreed to receive a golden share which gives it veto rights and the ability to block business operations it does not approve of. It is sad that the UK would accept those terms and very understandable that BAE investors feel left out of the deal.

Unless drastic changes will be made, this deal will fall apart as BAE will not gather enough shareholder votes for the merger. One of the prime objectives was to loosen government intervention in EADS while boosting profitability for both companies while injecting growth initiatives and profit expansion. Unfortunately, France and Germany are already in a gridlock as to where the headquarters of the merged company should be located.

France suggested Toulouse, home base of Airbus, while Germany would like to see it in Munich. The UK should pitch in and suggest it should be moved to London. The best solution may be to get rid of all government stakes and relocate it to Brussels. Nobody wants to see the merged company in a Franco-German controlled region. An Anglo-German combination would be exotic and and Franco-Anglo option unthinkable.

BAE as well as EADS have until October 10th to present a final merger plan to investors. They may ask for an extension but the same issues which will prevent this deal from being approved by both companies and three governments are the same reasons this merger has failed in the past. Neither government, especially the French and German, are willing to loosen their control and allow this company to prosper in the free market.

BAE investors needs to block this deal until we can structure one which will eliminate government interference with day-to-day business operations. The merger is a great idea, but we need to buyout the government stakes and get Lagardere and Daimler on our side. This will be a project which will require plenty of capital and it may be time to ring up a few Middle Eastern contacts in order to evaluate the potential to amass enough fire power and create a new behemoth in the aerospace and defense industry. A board seat in the combined company is something to strive for.