Monday, October 8, 2012

Saakashvili Close to Ouster

My private line risks and it is my girlfriend who informs me that she landed in Singapore and that she is in the safe hands of my security detail. She asked me what was going on as we was never a big fan of personal security and only accepted it under severe protest. I told her that she should not worry and that we will catch up over dinner.

I am headed to the kitchen for some coffee. I could have called on my personal assistant to bring me my coffee, but I enjoy a little stroll through the office every so often especially now that I may be confined to HQ until the sixth assassin will be processed. I do not think my girlfriend has pictured her weekend with me like this, but I will handle that situation over dinner. As I walk to the kitchen the Chief Military Officer joins me and we engage into some small talk.

We give each other minor updates. I inform him about the latest developments in the merger talks between BAE Systems and EADS (BAE, EADS continue Merger Talks) while he updates me on the Georgian elections which finally ousted idiotic President Saakashvili. The news of his electoral defeat is a very positive development as he has done nothing besides causing tensions on the global scene including a military conflict with Russia in 2008.

Saakashvili, a former CIA asset who was believed to be an ally of the Western world and helped to power by third parties, has used his false power for the wrong reasons which included the murder of seven Russian peacekeepers, one of them the Chief of Staff, on October 3rd 2008. Seven additional peacekeepers were wounded. Saakashvili initiated the aggression and as he faced a fraction of the Russian military which was dispatched in order to repel the attacks on South Ossetia and Russian citizens.

Georgia launched a massive military operation and gained control of South Ossetia and took control of the capitol, Tskhinvali. Russia dispatched five battalions from the Russian 58th Army as well as Russian Airborne Troops to the region in order to reclaim the territory. The conflict ended as Georgian forces barricaded themselves in the capitol and their pathetic excuse of a President understood that there is no help on the way for the war he started. Western nations stood down and eventually Saakashvili had to surrender as he saw his little military crushed in less than 100 hours.

His defeat in the latest elections is a very welcome development and will allow some improvement in Russian-Georgian relations. The victory of the the opposition shows willingness by the Georgian people to open communication channels with Russia in order to improve relations as they understand it is vital to have good relations with your intimidate neighbors than to please a former world power on the brink of total collapse.

New Georgian President Ivanishvili understand that he has a challenging task at hand, but is committed to improve relations with Russia. Ousted worthless collection of chromosomes Saakashvili claims that Russia interfered with the elections in the same manner the U.S. interfered in his own election campaign in order to win the election. Unlike the U.S., Russia stayed out of the sovereignty of Georgia during the election campaign.

NATO claims it will remain committed to Georgia, but it will refuse entrance into the alliance thanks to heavy opposition from Germany as well as France. The U.S. lobbies for admittance into the alliance. The U.S. is crumbling and allies have to pick sides. It becomes more and more apparent that they will foster a good relationship with Russia and the CIS than with the U.S.

We are pouring our coffees and as I am about to exit the kitchen in order to attend to my terminal the CMO stops me and asks me for a moment of my time in order to discuss the MENA region, the NA part more than the ME part. I ask him to accompany me into my office in order to talk in a secure location. There have been some developments in North Africa which may require immediate action.


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