Monday, October 15, 2012

Switzerland's Operation Stabilo Due

Military activity has been on the rise across the globe. It appears that plenty of countries have increased their operations over the past decade. We have had a very busy year so far and as the newest report lands on my desk I read it with surprise as a very unlikely country decides to join the increase in military activity.

Switzerland, a country known to be as boring as watching grass grow, has launched operation 'Stabilo Due'. It is very rare that the Swiss military engages in any operations which makes this one even more interesting. Switzerland, once known for its excellent secrecy which it gave up like a cheap prostitute gives up her most valued assets for lump change. The U.S. as well as France and Germany have pressured Switzerland into a self-destruction mode as those socialistic compilations of dried skunk feces could not bare the fact that their citizens got tired of being anally as well orally assaulted and moved their assets to an onshore save haven.

Switzerland created a booming private banking industry which allowed the country to prosper amidst challenging economic time periods as it repeatedly offered the socialist bacillus maximus the only sophisticated solution to their tax evasion issues which is lower taxes. Switzerland did not really care that those unable to comprehend economic policies were left to engage into the act of self-induced orgasms while those who subscribe to government-free market policies enjoy a prolonged phase of sexual enjoyment before ejaculating over the socialist scum.

Switzerland, neither a member of the European Union nor the Eurozone, created a blueprint in 2010 in order to protect the country from social unrest due to economic hardship. Swiss commanders have outlined possible national security threats from warring Swiss factions as well as economic refugees from the EU periphery as well as France. The Swiss defense ministry has left the door open to potential troop deployment to its borders in order to halt refugees from entering the country.

Internal security is handled by police, but given the increased possibility for national unrest due to the global economic meltdown the police may request assistance from the Swiss Military in order to ensure stability and to secure the borders from those socialists running away from the idiotic policies they voted for. Switzerland may even declare martial law and is best advised to announce to all countries that it will use lethal force to repel refugees.

Over 2,000 troops took part in operation 'Stabilo Due' which spanned eight regions across Switzerland. Switzerland has roughly 135,000 active troops with an additional 80,000 in reserve duties. The land forces are divided into two armored brigades which consist of one staff company, one logistics company, two tank companies as well as two mechanized infantry companies each. Furthermore, the Swiss military has two infantry brigades, two mountain infantry brigades, one reserve infantry battalion as well as one reserve mountain infantry battalion. 

The Swiss Air Force consists of roughly 230 aircraft as well as 1,600 active troops and their primary role is air defense as well as ground based air defense. The primary fighters used for air defense are 33 F-18 Hornets as well as 54 F-5 Tigers in dire need of replacement with modern Fifth Generation aircraft. Switzerland already announced the purchase of 22 JAS 39 Gripen. They already replaced their aging fleet of 20 helicopters made by Aerospatial with 20 Eurocopters. The Swiss Air Force deploys the 'FLORAKO' air defense system and their ground based air defense systems are comprised of 45 Oerlikon 35mm Twin Cannon AAA batteries, 288 FIM-92 Stinger batteries and 54 Rapier mobile missile batteries.

Given that Switzerland is a landlocked country they do not possess high-sea naval forces but maintain a fleet of patrol boats in order to guard their lakes. Switzerland has also build radiation and bomb shelters which are able to house 114% of the Swiss population in case of need. Switzerland does have the biggest military in Europe based on population.

Switzerland engages into a sophisticated approach and is advised to continue upgrades of their brigades in order combat the threat of socialist refugees which are likely to attempt border crossings and under no circumstances should the Swiss government allow such an insurgence. The biggest Swiss mistake by the government was the notion to abandon what build Switzerland which was a strong and secret private banking sector. This has forced hundreds of billions of Swiss Francs out of the country.

Switzerland needs to reverse its current course and stop playing to the tune of the U.S., France and Germany. There has been unrest in the political system which leaves hope for a full reversal of current policy and the reinstatement of bank secrecy laws in the eye of the fiscal storm in order to shore up finances which the Swiss government will need for border security as well as the prevention of local unrest. 

After I read the report I get on the phone to contact our Swiss assets and conclude about the stage of Swiss military upgrades and how to increase purchasing power of the current CHF 4 Billion defense budget. It is vital to replace aging equipment and modernize the Swiss military. The Air Force needs a multi-billion injection in order to have at least 200 5th Generation Fighter Jets as well as 50 Attack Helicopters for ground support. Switzerland may develop into an interesting playground.


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