Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Syrian Troops continue Battle

My girlfriends visit draws to a close and she has to head to the airport in two hours as her flight departs early in the morning. She wakes me up with a soft kiss on my lips. As I open my eyes and look into her eyes I draw her closer for a passionate kiss. We both know that we won't see each other for at least three weeks and turn this beautiful morning into a very passionate act of love making as if the world would cease to exist after we both give in to orgasmic waves which take away the last of our energy.

As my girlfriend disappears in the shower my phone rings. She asks me to let it ring and join her in the shower knowing that this is an important call and that I will not be able to just let it go. I hear her telling me it is my loss and I throw the phone on the bed and surprise her in the shower. This world will be able to function without me for another 20 minutes as I join my girlfriend in the shower. I won't see her again and we need to remind ourselves why we are doing what we are doing. Every great soldier needs to be aware of why they fight each battle.

We continue our passionate act in the shower and enjoy each others company. She asked me about the call and I told her it could wait and that what we have right now is more important than any emergency this world may throw at us. We finish our shower with a long kiss filled with desire. She knew that there will be times we will be in different parts of the world, but it never makes it easier. I arranged for breakfast to be brought to our room so we can enjoy it together before she is headed to the airport.

I exit the shower and get dresses. I pick up my phone and saw several missed calls from the office. I decide to enjoy breakfast with my girlfriend before I contact HQ and find out what could not wait until she is airborne. We engage into random conversation as we enjoy breakfast together. The sunrise over the harbor lights up our room and we spend a few moments in silent emerged into each others eyes. My security team arrives in time and we are headed to the airport. I am not supposed to leave as the final assassin has not been processed yet, but a risk I am  willing to take.

My phone rings again and as we are in the car my girlfriend asks me to take it so we can enjoy the last moments together uninterrupted. I thought the same and answered before she finished her sentence. HQ is somewhat furious, but clearly understands the circumstances that lead to me ignoring the calls. It is an update about the civil war in Syria. The U.N brokered a cease fire which both sides accepted, but immediately violated the following day.

Assad forces battled the insurgents in several cities including the capital Damascus. The insurgents were first to comment that there have been a total of 287 violations of the cease fire. The rebels broke the cease fire by attacking a military camp. The Syrian military said it would honor the cease fire, but would respond to rebel attacks. The cease fire would have been used by aid groups to deliver assistance to the roughly 1.2 million who need humanitarian assistance.

The war has claimed over 35,000 lives as outside forces continue to supply equipment to the rebels which allows them to keep the fight alive and terrorize Syria. Russia has proposed to call all sides to negotiations, an offer refused by the international community as several countries support the rebel insurgency and welcome the terror innocent Syrian citizens endure.

We need to increase support for the Russian proposed negotiations as this rebel insurgency needs to be removed so that Syria can rebuild its country. The chemical stockpiles remain under government control and the rebels have not been able to gain any chemical agents which would be devastating. We agree on a conference call in order to identify the main backers of the rebel insurgency and cut off their means to fund this terror against Syria.


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