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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Iran has Images of Israeli Military Bases

I am headed to the office in somewhat of a rush due to an older report which has resurfaced and there are parties of interests who are very concerned about this matter. I make it through security and disappear into the elevators and head to my office. Work has been keeping me on the edge the last few weeks and I did not have had my morning coffee yet.

I have more tasks to handle before my coffee than there are hours in a day. I am being greeted by the head of my security team who does not have my coffee, but informs be that the last assassin was captured moments ago and being taken to one of the detention facilities. The other five have been captured the day of the attack. Despite the eliminated threat my security detail will remain intact as a preventive measure.

My personal assistant enters and has my coffee ready as if she knew that I needed a five minute break from life in general. I thank her as she exits my office which she returns with a smile and a you are welcome. Her smile reminded me of the female GRU agent who contacted me about an outside project that had to deal with Russia's Air Force.

After I enjoy my coffee my attention focuses on Iran's claim to have images of Israeli military bases. Ismaeil Kowsari, the head of Iran's parliamentary defense committee, claimed that Hezbollah launched an Ayub unmanned spy drone into Israel in October which was shot down by the Israeli Air Force, but was able to transmit images to Iran which the leadership claims are sensitive images about Israeli military bases.

Iran does not give specifics about the images other than they call them forbidden sites. It does demonstrate that Iranian drones are able of live data feeds while in flight. It is no secret that Israel has covert military sites around the country, but Iran's main goal with the Ayub drone may have been to threaten Israel about plans to strike Iranian nuclear facilities as Iran will strike back.

Kowsari also stated that Hezbollah has more sophisticated drones then the Ayub which was shot down and that those drones have been launched into Israel without being detected. He also claims that Iran has drones which are able to carry weapons. Kowsari, a former commander of the Revolutionary Guard, said Iran would respond to the Israeli threat inside Hezbollah and Iran territory. Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah claimed that the drone was manufactured in Iran and assembled in Lebanon.

Iran's defense minister, Ahmed Vahid, also reiterated that the Ayub unmanned spy drone is not equipped with the latest Iranian technology without giving further details. Iran has announced several major breakthroughs after successfully hacking into a the flight system of  a Predator Drone and landing in at an Iranian Air Force Base.

Iran also claims that it started production of the Shahed 129, also known as Witness 129, a drone carrying missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers or double the range of previously missiles engineered in Iran which often relies on reverse engineering given Western embargoes against the regime which actively supports and funds various terrorist organizations.

Unfortunately most do not take the Iranian threat serious and due to several mistakes various inteligence agencies have witnessed sensitive equipment compromised by Iran, the RQ-170 Sentinel being the latest one. The more we decide not to act the stronger Iran grows and the tougher the war will be against the homeland for terrorists.  

Iran is less then half a decade away from possessing its first nuclear warhead which is just enough time to perfect the Shahed 129 and then we will have a real problem to face as Iran is fundamental enough to unleash its entire arsenal of nuclear material on Israel before it will go down. We have allowed Iran to move their military nuclear facilities out of reach of even the most sophisticated bunker busters which makes a ground offensive the final solution. Cyber-warfare will not yield the results needed as Iran's Cyber Warfare Unit demonstrated it capabilities on the RQ-170.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Israel under Hamas Attack, Again

Israel is under attack, again, by a well known enemy. Hamas decided to use the somewhat period of silence to stock up on rockets, the prime weapon for its attacks against Israel, and initiate another conflict with Israel. Hamas, a well known Arab terrorist organization trained and supported by Iran, has launched multiple rocket attacks into Beersheva, Tel Aviv, Ashdod and Ofakim.

The conflict is a week old now and Hamas launched its longest rocket strike yesterday as it fired towards Jerusalem, the Holy City,and landed on the outskirts of town for no damage. It was the second attempted attack on Jerusalem where air raid sirens disrupted normal life and buses as well as trains stopped in order to let passengers out and seek cover. There has to be an end to the continuous terror attacks on Israel by Hamas. The range of the locally assembled M-75 rockets has taken the IDF as well as ISA by surprise.

Hamas started the attack and the IDF responded after rockets landed in Israel. The UN Security Council wanted to issue a statement which condemns the IDF offensive into Gaza which is ridiculous and the U.S. used it veto power to prevent such an idiotic statement. Hamas is to blame for the conflict and not the other way around.

Israel has done more than enough to shows its commitment to peace in the region. The IDF even offered to halt the offensive last Friday as the Egyptian Prime Minister Kandil came to Israel for a brief visit with Prime Minister Netanyahu should Hamas not fire rockets into Israel. The offer was due to Kandil's crossing of Gaza to get to Israel. Israel is committed to the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt which resulted after the Six Day War where Israel squashed the armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan as well as the PLO were also part of the war and assisted by supplying forces to the war. Israel took them on alone without any assistance. Israel was outnumbered by 2 to 1, but inflicted 10 times the damage.

Israel launched a few hundred air strikes in order to take out military as well as civilian Hamas targets. As long as Hamas continues to govern the Gaza Strip with the support of the population there will not be an end to hostilities. Hamas does not recognize the state of Israel and continues to launch rocket attacks, unprovoked, in order to kill innocent Israeli citizens. None of their rocket strikes are aimed at military targets and the UN should condemn Hamas and not focus on the IDF response which only tries to protect its citizens from the attacks.

Hamas militants hide within the population like cowards and the IDF has no choice but to attack densely populated areas in order to kill Hamas leaders and fighters.Israel has struck over 1,500 targets since the newest Gaza offensive began and hopefully that number will double before the week is over. There is a huge majority who would side with the terrorists and claims the IDF should stop its attacks on the Gaza Strip.

There was minor hope for a potential cease fire agreement today, but a bus bombing in Tel Aviv which left 24 wounded dashed those hopes. The IDF should step up its offensive and launch a massive ground invasion in order to rid the Middle East from the terror group Hamas. Hamas enjoys great support from the population which makes them Hamas as well and not innocent civilians. They support Hamas and they need to go down with them.

Israel should give the civilian population a choice. Either separate yourself from Hamas and give up their leaders and fighters or die with them. This has been going on for too long and will not end until Hamas will cease to exist and the population stops the support for Hamas which took over the Gaza Strip in elections held in 2006. The IDF needs to put an end to this and has mobilized 75,000 Reservists which gives reasons to hope a ground offensive is imminent.

My phone rings and to my surprise it has to deal with the pending ground offensive and we are having an emergency conference in order to vote how the firm will proceed in this urgent matter. I am headed out of my office and my security personnel accompanies me to the conference room. I will vote for the full implementation of conventional warfare by the IDF against Hamas in order to deal with this problem now and for the last time.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Obama Take Two

The U.S. election results were a huge disappointment as well as a minor surprise. We all agreed to give Dumbama one four year term and no more and at the time we allowed his election victor to unfold we also agreed that this will not be modified otherwise there will be stark consequences. Several months ago there was some chatter that he should be allowed to abuse the U.S. constitution for an additional four years as he has not done enough damage as of yet.

The sole reason we allowed a Kenyan born individual to piss on the U.S. constitution was because the masses cried for more socialism and failed to understand that it is what they scream for which ruined the country to this point. You are not able to rebuild a house while it is on fire and we needed an idiot from the left side to be allowed to abuse and rape the system and inflict much more damage.

Since Dumbama was given the chance to insult all of us by calling himself President of the U.S. he increased the national debt by $5.6 Trillion, threw $833 Million in stimulus at the economy, created 60,000 green jobs at an average of almost $580,000 per job and created just about no economic growth while he increased the unemployment rate by 'only' 0.1% in the headline which translates to a few million more unemployed Americans while he also ensured a surge in food stamp usage.

The current administration has enforced policies which made the country less competitive, has created an environment of stagnant economic performance and high inflation, harmed the middle-class, drove away wealthy individuals, hurt entrepreneurs, killed job creation and weakened the military. Actually there is not one good thing this administration has accomplished, as expected. Despite the negativity, a slight majority has decided to vote in favor of socialism.

This election has left the country more divided since the civil war as one half of the idiotic population was able to celebrate while the other half of semi-intelligent Americans understood the apocalypse they have invited. The country will be torn into pieces over the next four years with another recession which will lead the country into potentially the Second Great Depression. Inflation will start to surge and make necessity less affordable, especially to the poor and middle-class. There will be even less jobs available and those household with an annual income will see another decrease of roughly $5,000 per year.

More companies will leave the country for business friendly economies and take tax revenues as well as jobs and innovation with them. Dumbama will raise taxes, indirectly, on the middle-class which may be totally wiped out and become extinct by mid 2016. The healthcare system will be a total mess while the educational system continues to fall behind. The social system faces total collapse and the fiscal cliff will initiate the Second Wave of the financial crisis which became evident in 2008.

As I sit in my office in Singapore I am aware that we have to start the painful process to exit all U.S. related projects which is a direct result of the election fiasco. We all had a deal and as much as it hurts me, the U.S. will have to go through much more pain and the population will suffer due to this. Half of the population is not even to blame as they voted for change, but as long as democratic socialists are allowed to rape the constitution the rest of the country will suffer with them.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

U.S. Election Day 2012

I sit in my office on this beautiful Singapore night. The U.S. presidential election is tomorrow and we should have put in our work to ensure a razor thin victory by Governor Romney. Politics is a dirty business stuffed with secrecy and behind the scenes maneuvers more than in any other sector of this planet. The elected politicians themselves are nothing more than puppets while the masters sit in the unknown and pull the strings.

Those who believe that elections of any government are a democratic process are living proof that the hard work we put in every day does accomplish the illusion necessary in order to keep the masses at bay and avoid public outcry and as well as protests and unrest. The good news is that over 99% of the global population does believe in democracy and continues to keep the system alive. As long as we make sure they have some sort of hope we will succeed.

Every somewhat intelligent individual was and is aware that Mr. Dumbama, the ass-douche who is currently allowed to call himself President of the U.S., never possessed the constitutional right to run for office. All twelve Supreme Court judges were asked to overlook that fact in order to clear his path to the White House. Mr. Dumbama, born to a Kenyan father and an American underage mother in a civil hospital in Kenya, lacks a full birth certificate and college record as his college admission would show he entered the country with a student visa.

Dumbama will enter global history books as the biggest fraud in modern American history once all the data will be published that clearly shows he never had the right to run for office. The public was presented with evidence over the past four years about the ineligibility of Mr. Dumbama to be allowed to abuse the U.S. constitution. Since all the information was available some wonder why he was even allowed to do what he did.

The answer is simple; in order to show the growing number of socialists that the system the scream for has never worked, does not work and will never work. Mr. Dumabam a.k.a. the Food Stamp President has forced several policies through and was only stopped by the House of Representatives which thankfully is under control by Republicans and Tea Party Activists.

When Dumbama took office he controlled the White House, the Senate as well as the House of Representatives. Soon after his election voters realized their mistake and the House of Representatives was taken away from the socialists while they also lost plenty of Senate seats to give them only a six seat majority which will be wiped out during the next round of Senate elections. The White House should be lost before today is over.

I look forward to the preliminary election results which should show that we have made the right moves in order to get what was needed. I do have this feeling that we will not have a clear winner for weeks to come as some will scream election fraud and courts have already started to process some cases. Either way, January 20th 2013 Governor Romney should be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

U.S. Firms Abort U.S.

I dropped off my girlfriend at the airport and escorted her into the jet which will take her back to London. It is always heartbreaking to see her leave or leave her at the airport. We share one last and long loving kiss before I exit the jet and enter the car as I need to make it back to HQ to attend another teleconference.

We head through early Singapore morning traffic and my personal assistant calls me with updates on a report I asked her to compile. The reports centers on U.S: companies who decided to leave the U.S. and set up their companies oversees as the U.S. has become more and more business hostile and discourages companies from operating within its borders.

The two major reasons are over-regulation and taxes. The U.S. has entered a serious of decisions which made it ridiculous to operate a business from inside the U.S. Until the late 90's the U.S. was proud home of the financial capital of the world located in New York, Wall Street to be more precise. The U.S. was hammered with a serious of corporate scandals from Enron to WorldCom together with many lower profile scandals.

In direct response U.S: lawmakers imposed a bi-partisan act called the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, named after the two assdouches responsible for the report. Sarbanes-Oxley quickly forces thousands of financial firms as well as others outside the U.S. and London welcomed the exodus with a business friendly environment. Over the past decade London has become the financial capital of the world and the U.S. is still mad at their own stupidity.

The 2008 financial crisis, which started in the U.S., the housing market to name the culprit of the meltdown, gave birth to Dodd-Frank. The U.S. housing market is the most regulated part of the financial system in the U.S. and the one which is abuse by the most direct government influence. It obviously failed as expected given the government interference in what was supposed to be a free market.

Dodd-Frank will force more companies to set-up shop in London and elsewhere which will cause the U.S. hundreds of billions in tax revenues as well as tens of thousands of jobs. Other idiotic policies have forced manufacturers as well as oil producers out of the country. The U.S. has become less and less competitive and each policy the moronic policymakers announce and enforce makes the U.S. less attractive for business.

The Tax code is another vital reason. The U.S. has made its tax system more and more complicated over time and has raised taxes as the socialists thought it would increase tax revenues. The opposite holds true in the real world and the U.S: saw its tax revenues shrink as the crisis grew and they responded or plan to respond with more tax increases across the board.

Dumbamacare as well as other Dumbama policies will shave off an additional $5,000 per household which lead to a few hundred billion dollars less in revenues. They simply do not comprehend that each of their moves has added to the problems and made the U.S. a less and less attractive location for new business and forced as well as is forcing existing businesses out of the country.

I am pleased with the developments and we will continue to assist companies who wish to leave the socialistic infested country for a country of their choice which welcomes business and does not plan to punish success. The U.S., sadly so, is a former giant which dies years ago, but has not yet completely fallen to the ground. Each company that moves its operations, revenues as well as employees out of this nest of stupidity is a victory for the free market.