Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Iran has Images of Israeli Military Bases

I am headed to the office in somewhat of a rush due to an older report which has resurfaced and there are parties of interests who are very concerned about this matter. I make it through security and disappear into the elevators and head to my office. Work has been keeping me on the edge the last few weeks and I did not have had my morning coffee yet.

I have more tasks to handle before my coffee than there are hours in a day. I am being greeted by the head of my security team who does not have my coffee, but informs be that the last assassin was captured moments ago and being taken to one of the detention facilities. The other five have been captured the day of the attack. Despite the eliminated threat my security detail will remain intact as a preventive measure.

My personal assistant enters and has my coffee ready as if she knew that I needed a five minute break from life in general. I thank her as she exits my office which she returns with a smile and a you are welcome. Her smile reminded me of the female GRU agent who contacted me about an outside project that had to deal with Russia's Air Force.

After I enjoy my coffee my attention focuses on Iran's claim to have images of Israeli military bases. Ismaeil Kowsari, the head of Iran's parliamentary defense committee, claimed that Hezbollah launched an Ayub unmanned spy drone into Israel in October which was shot down by the Israeli Air Force, but was able to transmit images to Iran which the leadership claims are sensitive images about Israeli military bases.

Iran does not give specifics about the images other than they call them forbidden sites. It does demonstrate that Iranian drones are able of live data feeds while in flight. It is no secret that Israel has covert military sites around the country, but Iran's main goal with the Ayub drone may have been to threaten Israel about plans to strike Iranian nuclear facilities as Iran will strike back.

Kowsari also stated that Hezbollah has more sophisticated drones then the Ayub which was shot down and that those drones have been launched into Israel without being detected. He also claims that Iran has drones which are able to carry weapons. Kowsari, a former commander of the Revolutionary Guard, said Iran would respond to the Israeli threat inside Hezbollah and Iran territory. Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah claimed that the drone was manufactured in Iran and assembled in Lebanon.

Iran's defense minister, Ahmed Vahid, also reiterated that the Ayub unmanned spy drone is not equipped with the latest Iranian technology without giving further details. Iran has announced several major breakthroughs after successfully hacking into a the flight system of  a Predator Drone and landing in at an Iranian Air Force Base.

Iran also claims that it started production of the Shahed 129, also known as Witness 129, a drone carrying missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers or double the range of previously missiles engineered in Iran which often relies on reverse engineering given Western embargoes against the regime which actively supports and funds various terrorist organizations.

Unfortunately most do not take the Iranian threat serious and due to several mistakes various inteligence agencies have witnessed sensitive equipment compromised by Iran, the RQ-170 Sentinel being the latest one. The more we decide not to act the stronger Iran grows and the tougher the war will be against the homeland for terrorists.  

Iran is less then half a decade away from possessing its first nuclear warhead which is just enough time to perfect the Shahed 129 and then we will have a real problem to face as Iran is fundamental enough to unleash its entire arsenal of nuclear material on Israel before it will go down. We have allowed Iran to move their military nuclear facilities out of reach of even the most sophisticated bunker busters which makes a ground offensive the final solution. Cyber-warfare will not yield the results needed as Iran's Cyber Warfare Unit demonstrated it capabilities on the RQ-170.


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