Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Israel under Hamas Attack, Again

Israel is under attack, again, by a well known enemy. Hamas decided to use the somewhat period of silence to stock up on rockets, the prime weapon for its attacks against Israel, and initiate another conflict with Israel. Hamas, a well known Arab terrorist organization trained and supported by Iran, has launched multiple rocket attacks into Beersheva, Tel Aviv, Ashdod and Ofakim.

The conflict is a week old now and Hamas launched its longest rocket strike yesterday as it fired towards Jerusalem, the Holy City,and landed on the outskirts of town for no damage. It was the second attempted attack on Jerusalem where air raid sirens disrupted normal life and buses as well as trains stopped in order to let passengers out and seek cover. There has to be an end to the continuous terror attacks on Israel by Hamas. The range of the locally assembled M-75 rockets has taken the IDF as well as ISA by surprise.

Hamas started the attack and the IDF responded after rockets landed in Israel. The UN Security Council wanted to issue a statement which condemns the IDF offensive into Gaza which is ridiculous and the U.S. used it veto power to prevent such an idiotic statement. Hamas is to blame for the conflict and not the other way around.

Israel has done more than enough to shows its commitment to peace in the region. The IDF even offered to halt the offensive last Friday as the Egyptian Prime Minister Kandil came to Israel for a brief visit with Prime Minister Netanyahu should Hamas not fire rockets into Israel. The offer was due to Kandil's crossing of Gaza to get to Israel. Israel is committed to the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt which resulted after the Six Day War where Israel squashed the armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan as well as the PLO were also part of the war and assisted by supplying forces to the war. Israel took them on alone without any assistance. Israel was outnumbered by 2 to 1, but inflicted 10 times the damage.

Israel launched a few hundred air strikes in order to take out military as well as civilian Hamas targets. As long as Hamas continues to govern the Gaza Strip with the support of the population there will not be an end to hostilities. Hamas does not recognize the state of Israel and continues to launch rocket attacks, unprovoked, in order to kill innocent Israeli citizens. None of their rocket strikes are aimed at military targets and the UN should condemn Hamas and not focus on the IDF response which only tries to protect its citizens from the attacks.

Hamas militants hide within the population like cowards and the IDF has no choice but to attack densely populated areas in order to kill Hamas leaders and fighters.Israel has struck over 1,500 targets since the newest Gaza offensive began and hopefully that number will double before the week is over. There is a huge majority who would side with the terrorists and claims the IDF should stop its attacks on the Gaza Strip.

There was minor hope for a potential cease fire agreement today, but a bus bombing in Tel Aviv which left 24 wounded dashed those hopes. The IDF should step up its offensive and launch a massive ground invasion in order to rid the Middle East from the terror group Hamas. Hamas enjoys great support from the population which makes them Hamas as well and not innocent civilians. They support Hamas and they need to go down with them.

Israel should give the civilian population a choice. Either separate yourself from Hamas and give up their leaders and fighters or die with them. This has been going on for too long and will not end until Hamas will cease to exist and the population stops the support for Hamas which took over the Gaza Strip in elections held in 2006. The IDF needs to put an end to this and has mobilized 75,000 Reservists which gives reasons to hope a ground offensive is imminent.

My phone rings and to my surprise it has to deal with the pending ground offensive and we are having an emergency conference in order to vote how the firm will proceed in this urgent matter. I am headed out of my office and my security personnel accompanies me to the conference room. I will vote for the full implementation of conventional warfare by the IDF against Hamas in order to deal with this problem now and for the last time.


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