Sunday, November 11, 2012

Obama Take Two

The U.S. election results were a huge disappointment as well as a minor surprise. We all agreed to give Dumbama one four year term and no more and at the time we allowed his election victor to unfold we also agreed that this will not be modified otherwise there will be stark consequences. Several months ago there was some chatter that he should be allowed to abuse the U.S. constitution for an additional four years as he has not done enough damage as of yet.

The sole reason we allowed a Kenyan born individual to piss on the U.S. constitution was because the masses cried for more socialism and failed to understand that it is what they scream for which ruined the country to this point. You are not able to rebuild a house while it is on fire and we needed an idiot from the left side to be allowed to abuse and rape the system and inflict much more damage.

Since Dumbama was given the chance to insult all of us by calling himself President of the U.S. he increased the national debt by $5.6 Trillion, threw $833 Million in stimulus at the economy, created 60,000 green jobs at an average of almost $580,000 per job and created just about no economic growth while he increased the unemployment rate by 'only' 0.1% in the headline which translates to a few million more unemployed Americans while he also ensured a surge in food stamp usage.

The current administration has enforced policies which made the country less competitive, has created an environment of stagnant economic performance and high inflation, harmed the middle-class, drove away wealthy individuals, hurt entrepreneurs, killed job creation and weakened the military. Actually there is not one good thing this administration has accomplished, as expected. Despite the negativity, a slight majority has decided to vote in favor of socialism.

This election has left the country more divided since the civil war as one half of the idiotic population was able to celebrate while the other half of semi-intelligent Americans understood the apocalypse they have invited. The country will be torn into pieces over the next four years with another recession which will lead the country into potentially the Second Great Depression. Inflation will start to surge and make necessity less affordable, especially to the poor and middle-class. There will be even less jobs available and those household with an annual income will see another decrease of roughly $5,000 per year.

More companies will leave the country for business friendly economies and take tax revenues as well as jobs and innovation with them. Dumbama will raise taxes, indirectly, on the middle-class which may be totally wiped out and become extinct by mid 2016. The healthcare system will be a total mess while the educational system continues to fall behind. The social system faces total collapse and the fiscal cliff will initiate the Second Wave of the financial crisis which became evident in 2008.

As I sit in my office in Singapore I am aware that we have to start the painful process to exit all U.S. related projects which is a direct result of the election fiasco. We all had a deal and as much as it hurts me, the U.S. will have to go through much more pain and the population will suffer due to this. Half of the population is not even to blame as they voted for change, but as long as democratic socialists are allowed to rape the constitution the rest of the country will suffer with them.


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