Sunday, December 16, 2012

Global Banks torn into Pieces

I enter my office where my personal assistant and the chief of my personal security detail waiting for my return and new orders. I task my personal assistant with research on all current directors of Lockheed Martin and my chief of PSD to initiate full background checks on them and dig up anything we ma use to achieve our objective.

I start to draw up a blueprint on the financial side which makes me think about the idiotic way global banks have torn themselves into pieces, especially since the start of the Millennium. They have wiped out several trillion dollars in market value, announced over 200,000 job cuts with more layoffs planned and an ever shrinking market share as the shadow banking system takes over and governments force banks to revert back to their origins.

Dumb money banks have tried to manage smart money hedge funds and failed horribly. In a desperate attempt to bolster their revenue streams banks have created a mortgage bubble and offered exotic loans to new homeowners which they could not afford. Banks were hoping those mortgages would default so they can reposes the houses which have now risen in value.

As a result of the financial crisis, governments have decided to bailout banks with taxpayers money and banks were cobbled with government agents overlooking bailed out banks and hindering their operations. In addition governments have enforced more counter-productive regulation and increased capital requirements which further caused a decline in banks.

On top of all the above, banks were forced to sell non-banking units and get rid of their most profitable operations, cutting bonuses and capping salaries which allows them to only attract dumb money talent while every sophisticated individual will be recruited and employed by smart money which is out of reach of regulatory stupidity and government idiocy.

The good news for the shadow banking system is that the lost jobs from the dumb money banking industry is that none of those pathetic underachievers do not qualify for jobs at smart money institutions otherwise they would not work for banks and been recruited by the shadow banking industry.

It does feel good to hand it right back to governments who do not want to abandon their regulatory as well as transparency push into the shadow banking system. The more the government pushes the more we push back. Sometimes we have to take battle after battle in order to win the war on socialists and their idiotic principles.

I focus back on my work as the Lockheed Martin issues became top priority. There have been too many security issues with current directorship and the company has been heading down the wrong direction and it is time to take control of the situation. Three directors is a tough objective to achieve and it will require a lot of financial engineering and we do not have time to waste.


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