Sunday, December 9, 2012

Iran captures US Navy Drone

As soon as I put my phone down and digest the latest updates I received out of Syria from our team on the ground my personal assistant enters my office with a worried look on her face. She sits down and breaks the disturbing news about Iran. The managed to hack into the flight system of another spy drone, this time one of the U.S. Navy's ScanEagle.

The Revolutionary Guard managed to hack into the flight system of an RQ-170 Sentinel and landed it safely on an Iranian air field. This time a ScanEagle was captured after it entered Iranian airspace. The U.S. Navy denies reports and claims all drones are accounted for. This is the second embarrassment for the U.S. in less than one year as it hands more and more technology to Iran, not on purpose but the results are the same.

Iranian engineers have used the new technology and flew several of their drones into Israeli airspace for reconnaissance purposes. Commander Jason Salata of the Fifth Fleet station in Bahrain, the Fifth Fleet managed assets in the Middle East, claims the U.S. Navy is in full control of all its assets but did acknowledged that several ScanEagles have been lost in the past.

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, commander of the Revolutionary Guard, told Iran's FARS news agency that the ScanEagle has violated Iranian airspace over a span of several days and conducted reconnaissance missions before it was spotted and captured. He reiterated that the Revolutionary Guard remains in full control of all operations and has full intelligence supremacy over the region.

A video was released which showed the ScanEagle fully intact displayed on a stand with two Revolutionary Guard officials next to it. A map of the Persian Gulf in the background read 'We shall trample on the U.S.', written in English as well as Farsi. The ScanEagle is far less sophisticated than the lost Sentinel that was captured by Iran previously. It is also less sophisticated then the Predators and Reapers which are usually dispatched over Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan.

The ScanEagle is 4 feet long and has a wingspan of 10 feet and is capable of roughly 20 hours of battlefield surveillance and intelligence gathering. It is equipped with optical as well as infrared cameras and has a cruising altitude of 16,000 feet. The ScanEagle is launched from a ships with a catapult launcher and catches a rope in order to land.

Iran already reverse engineered the captured Sentinel and is likely to do the same with the ScanEagle. Iran refused to return the Sentinel and the U.S. claims it malfunctioned and was not hacked into. The fact that the Revolutionary Guard was able to hack into the flight and control system of the Sentinel does not only show the advancements and capabilities of Iran, but essentially calls for a complete overhaul of security procedures of not only unmanned drones but aircraft as well.

The U.S., under terror from the socialist individual which is allowed to rape the constitution for another four years, plans to shave $500 Billion of the defense budget which means the U.S. will not be able to completely overhaul security procedures. Given the problems with the F-35 and potential attacks into its weapon system renders the aircraft essentially useless which is one reason the Air Force wanted to scrap the program altogether and claimed that it will not live up to expectations.

The developments give great cause for concern as the entire U.S. military program seems to fall apart while other countries are able to advance at a much higher rate while adding to their defense budgets. We were contracted to assist with the matter, but after the Obama re-election we had to withdraw our support and others have followed suit. The U.S. is tearing apart much faster then even the most pessimistic forecasts and the situation gets worse by the day.


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