Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The Last Bear recommends PaxForex as your top forex broker destination for all new entrants to the world of forex. All new traders are confused when it comes to forex trading and there are a lot of bucket shops out there which want their clients to over-leverage and blow up their accounts. Some even trade against their clients in order to generate profits, but either way they simply do not care about new traders.

PaxForex is different. A new and dynamic forex broker who has constantly evolved over the past year in order to increase its services offered. PaxForex caters to new traders who enter the market and seek a reliable source for their forex portfolio. PaxForex cares about its traders and actually strives to better their trading as this broker understands that only a client who makes profits is a good client. Basically, the more traders make, the more PaxForex earns. This is the reason PaxForex cares about every trader.

Here are a few features The Last Bear enjoys about PaxForex:
  1. Stable, secure and reliable off-shore broker who welcomes U.S. clients.
  2. PaxForex Trading Recommendations.
  3. Offers plenty of forex pairs to traders.
  4. Leverage of up to 500 times your investment.
  5. Attractive bonuses.
  6. Great customer service team.
  7. PaxForex Blog.
  8. Rare re-quotes
  9. Almost no slippage
  10. Decent spreads.
They have also introduced a forex course for beginners in order to promote understanding and help out new clients. We strongly recommend that you dive into the course which we will also publish here and then head over to PaxForex in order to open your live account today and get your forex career started.


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