Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Germany, Enemy Number One

My team and I are assembled at a round-table in MTAC and were equally shocked as well as temporarily confused over what just happened. They struck a deal on the Cyprus bailout and will dissemble its second biggest bank, Laiki, which will be turned into a bad bank with all uninsured deposits above €100,000 and toxic assets. Deposits below €100,000 will be transferred to the biggest bank, Bank of Cyprus.

They also agreed that deposits up to €100,000 will be safe and not touched, while deposits above €100,000 will be used and abused in order to come up with the €5.8 Billion required to receive the €10 Billion bailout. The Chairman of the Board at Cyprus Bank tendered his resignation. Banks remain closed today in order to avoid a bank run and investors with deposits above €100,000 in Laiki will face losses of 40%. Those losses will be converted in share of the bank as accounts remain frozen until more details will be announced. The government will steal especially from foreign depositors and force them to remain invested in Cyprus.

This deal was pushed through by Germany, the enemy of capitalism. Sure, there was a meeting of Eurozone Finance Ministers in Finland which served as a political front for Germany to tell the Eurozone what they want and what will happen. Germany is once again the most hated country in the Western World and is standing without any true allies.

Germany, yes Germany, broke a global taboo and won this battle, but the war has just begun. The most disturbing news is that Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who chaired the meeting of the 17 Eurozone Finance Ministers, stated that the Cyprus approach will be a model for future bailouts which was a suggestion that Spanish as well as Italian depositors should watch out. Germany later indirectly forced him to retract his statement and issue one more in line with the Neo-Nazi regime in Berlin.

After World War II Germany tried hard to shake the Nazi image left behind by Adolf Hitler and his regime. Since the implementation of the Euro and the creation of the Eurozone Germany started to show its true colors all over again. Angered over retributions, anger comparable to the anger Germans felt after World War I, and with enough time to seek revenge on the Western World the true black, red and gold simmered through.

Angela Merkel and her regime have made it their mission to pick off where Hitler failed. They know the German military is weak and undisciplined which makes military action unrealistic since the pride of the German Armed Forces could not even combat a group of unarmed Afghan goat farmers. The same applies to the German police.

Angela Merkel and her Neo-Nazis decided to use the only weapon they have which is financial. Germany amassed the strongest economy in Europe and unfortunately for everyone else they manage a monthly budget surplus. They use this surplus as a financial weapon and invade countries through financial warfare on the economic front in order to destabilize their economies and force them to surrender to German conditions.

Forget the European Union; Germany tries to create a German Union which Berlin can control. Germany has already invaded Greece, Portugal and now Cyprus. Spain is next on their new Blitzkrieg strategy. Germany tries to cripple the Eurozone periphery first and then hopes to move into bigger economies. The one aspect Germany requires is that members remain in the Eurozone in order for Germany to attack them and force them to their knees.

Germans today are no better than the Nazis 60, 70 years ago. Germany became the number one enemy and they need to be stopped, invaded and controlled in the same fashion they did after they capitulated. The U.S. is unable to participate due to their financial burden, but BRICS can pick up the pieces while London holds the course in Europe for now.

We need to assist her Majesty in her efforts against the Neo-Nazis and gather support for Operation Freedom in order to not only address the current issues of the Eurozone and EU, but in order to show the Germans where they belong and cripple their abilities to wager war on continental Europe. The good news is that the German war machine allowed domestic issues to be neglected and cause more and more social unrest which needs to be exploited to crush Germany from within.

At least now we have a clear defined enemy and it is time to gather allies and launch attacks from multiple fronts in order to extinguish the Neo-Nazi regime in Berlin once and for all. London and Moscow need to put their differences aside and work closely together again in order to create a dual front in Europe against Germany. We call for new pledges to allegiance among monarchs as my team and I stand alert and ready for deployment at her Majesty’s wish in order to reignite the strength of the Commonwealth and fights against the oppressors of capitalism.

Germany invites the collapse of the Eurozone and is the sole cause of hardship on hundreds of millions of Europeans. It is time to crush the regime in Berlin once and for all and ensure it will never rise again. Germany has proved on two occasions that it is not capable to accept the rules of a free society and this is their third attempt to control Europe. Our pledge stays firm and our four FWU’s stand ready to lead the strike against Germany, for Queen and country!


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