Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Karzai accuses U.S. of conspiracy with Taliban

We were ordered to have an entire communication blackout as we relocated our headquarters over the past two months for security reasons. This decision was made after the attack last year which was supposed to take out some of our senior executives. We have left Singapore now and moved to the Principality of Monaco. The communication blackout was the reason for the absence of any news.

I had to maintain my silence for security reasons and now that we are all settled in and secure thanks to the environment the principality provides for us. My office overlooks the harbor in Monte Carlo and I am happy over all the upgrades we have implemented. Our workload has increased and we were very busy over the past ten weeks.

Security has increased, but after all six assassins have been processed and our relocation we all feel much safer. It’s our second day here at new HQ and we are all eager to work on our tasks at hand. The head of m security team enters my office and informs me that they have located the contractor who hired the six-member assassin team. The group responsible for the terrorist attack calls themselves Liber8, after the terror group in a TV show.

We have not located their home base as of yet, but have a special unit designated to track them down. I thank the head of my security team and as he exits my personal assistant enters with a summary of a speech Afghan President Karzai gave on Sunday. Karzai accused the U.S. military of working together with Taliban forces in order to destabilize Afghanistan and show the Afghan people that suicide bombings and attacks will be a daily routine after foreign coalition troops will leave the country in 2014.

Karzai was regarded as a strong Middle Eastern ally to the U.S. and his accusations may collapse this image. There was no response from coalition command to the Karzai speech. This was not his first speech where he made statements and remarks of similar nature. He threatened to join forces with the Taliban and called NATO forces occupiers who want to plunder his country. Usually he makes those remarks when he feels Afghan sovereignty is undermined or that his country’s concerns are not taken seriously by his allies.

NATO forces have started a slow process of withdrawal and hand over security measures to Afghan forces that are often infiltrated by Taliban fighters and even al-Qaida fighters or sympathizers. Afghan security forces have not demonstrated the ability to secure the country without foreign assistance. Karzai said that NATO forces need to subscribe to Afghan needs and that the will be told where and when they are needed.

Karzai offered no proof of his allegations, but stated that the U.S. and the Taliban have daily negotiations in foreign countries and that the U.S. would like to start peace negotiations in order to seek a political solution to the war while it does not recognize the Taliban as an enemy any longer.

I can clearly see that Karzai is upset about the political playground in Afghanistan and that he may have some serious security concerns. It appears that his biggest fear of a political solution to the Taliban insurgency would cost him power which he would have to share with Taliban elders who push for extreme Muslim rule. 

One thing is clear; the situation will change rather drastically in Afghanistan over the next 24 months and it remains to be seen if the change is for the better or for the worse. In either case the Afghan civilian population will pay the price for it. I look out the window into the sunset as I finish the report and close the folder. It’s a beautiful sunset and I am glad to head our most important project.


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