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PaxForex Review

Today we will take a closer look at PaxForex. We have mentioned them before and briefly touched on ten aspects about this broker we really like. They are growing steadily and becoming a bigger and bigger outlet for retail traders. Plenty of brokers remain static and stop innovating in order to remain competitive. PaxForex is a very dynamic broker and works hard every day in order to stay ahead of their competition which explains their growing market share of the forex market.

Let’s take a deeper look into the ten factor’s The Last Bear likes about this broker
  1. PaxForex is a stable, secure and reliable off-shore broker who welcomes U.S. clients. PaxForex is backed by several big investors which provides stability as well as security to its clients as they can rest assured the company remains liquid and will be able to always honor its commitments. PaxForex also welcomes traders from the U.S. who seek to move their forex accounts off-shore due to the increasing uncompetitiveness of the U.S.
  2. PaxForex Trading Recommendations which we have followed for over six months before we have our stamp of approval. They have in-house forex analysts who give trading recommendations to clients. Over the six months we tracked their recommendations they made on average 250 pips per week with a slight uptrend at the start of 2013. It is a great service for traders who wish to put their capital on cruise control.
  3. They offer plenty of forex pairs for traders. The range of products they trade is above average and allow trader’s to not only trade the most popular forex pairs, but also the less liquid pairs which allows for more trading opportunities and a wider forex trading strategy. We would like them to add even more pairs in the future and will report once they decide to increase their offering even further.
  4. Leverage of up to 500 times your investment. You can chose your leverage and the most you can enjoy up to 500 times your capital which will greatly enhance your ability to profit from your trades. Just keep in mind that leverage may also increase your losses and you need to be aware of how to use leverage and manage your funds wisely. There are a handful of brokers who allow you even more leverage which is very dangerous. The Last Bear recommends leverage of 1:200 which will give you ample trading power and still protect your downside.
  5. PaxForex offers attractive bonuses. Some hate bonuses and prefer to only trade their own capital which is absolutely fine. Just fund your account and don’t request a bonus. There are others who enjoy great bonuses and PaxForex offers a range of deposit bonuses which are great for traders who do not plan to withdraw their funds until they reach the bonus requirements. We strongly advise ever trader to read the requirements carefully and fully understand them before they request a bonus.
  6. A great customer service team is employed at PaxForex which is dedicated to answer all of your questions in a professional manner. Even better is that you will not require their services on too many occasions as we have experienced ourselves that PaxForex allows you to trade in the forex market and offers an environment that just works. They make sure everything on their end works so that you can spend your time focusing on your currency trades. Should you ever encounter a problem or have a question you will be catered to immediately.
  7. They run their own PaxForex blog with interesting posts about the forex market and economic events while they also educate you about what happens in the economy. The information is relevant to your trading portfolio and will give you better understanding of big market moves while they also offer advice on how to react during turbulent times. It is a nice resource for traders who are interested in the wider economy.
  8. Rare re-quotes with PaxForex is another great benefactor when you decide to move your forex trading here. During highly volatile times and fast market movements you may experience re-quotes which is normal due to high volume moves. There will be no re-quotes during normal market moves and PaxForex never manipulates its prices.
  9. Slippage is another problem which you do not have to worry about with PaxForex. They execute almost 100% of their entered trades without issues. Slippage may occur from time to time, but can be viewed as an abnormal event. In general PaxForex executes all forex trades for their clients.
  10. Spreads are around average for their offered currency pairs. Overall there are quite acceptable, but we hope to see even lower spreads in the future in order to remain competitive.

There are plenty of positives to say about PaxForex, but no broker is perfect and below are some factors that are missing over at PaxForex:
  • PaxForex does not offer ECN accounts which is the biggest drawback for more active, high volume and professional traders. We will monitor the developments over at PaxForex and let you know should they decide to add ECN accounts to their offerings.
  • There are no PAMM accounts offered which is rather disappointing and we hope they will implement them in the future.
  • PaxForex does not host trading challenges in demo accounts with real cash prices and it would be nice to see those offered.


We believe PaxForex is the best destination for all new retail traders who enter the market due to their services offered as described above. They also work on a forex trading course in order to promote 
understanding amongst new traders and give them a strong fundamental foundation so they can create their own forex trading strategy.

PaxForex is a rare case where the broker actually cares about all its clients and wants them to better their trading results. As every other broker they earn their money through spreads and the more clients trade successfully the more they earn which is why they care about results achieved by their traders and want them to be as profitable as possible. Two claws up, The Last Bear has roared!


PaxForex is a good broker for new traders. They are running a promotion right now where they will give you $7 to start your trades with. When you combine that with their 500:1 leverage, that is a good little bit of trade capital.

Overall, I favorably recommend this broker to anyone who is new to the game, or any seasoned traders who may be looking for a change!

Thanks for your feedback on PaxForex.

this broker recomended..the program no deposit bonus help new trader like me...thanks paxforex

I think Paxforex is good broker with good service actually for new trader, they give no deposit bonus for new client, and that's very useful for new trader like me


Paxforex is the best, I was very pleased with the program's first promotional bonus "No Deposit Bonus" and now I was given a second chance to try trading with a new program "Second Chance".
I believe the program is the second time I will be more successful for trading with paxforex later ...

Let anyone who wants to try trading with no need to deposit, it is only in paxforex ...

you can't faind beter
7$ no d├ęposit bonus , and second chance that you can't find any were
i thing it's the best
it's a real opportunity for starters

PaxForex Wonderful company at least not manipulating its credibility with the client gives you the bonus of $ 7 no deposit to encourage them to traders
Possess great speed trading platform in the implementation of orders
I recommend them all my friends good luck to all

For me the good thing is PaxForex paxforex Trading Recommendations on even give one an idea of the trends and also to apply technical analysis one can get a good entry and ganancia.otra thing is the opportunity given to bonds that allows more confidence comerciar.y other is the fast answers they give to the requirements that one does

paxforex broker is best broker. it has no deposit bonus offer
it has low spread.
their respond on deposit and withdrawal is quick.

PaxForex is a good broker for new traders. They are running a promotion right now where they will give you $7 to start your trades with. When you combine that with their 500:1 leverage, that is a good little bit of trade capital.

paxforex good brokers
i am ayham hashisho
account number : 81490
i get 7$ welcome bonus
please get bonus too 5$

I got $7 bonus and I am strat trading.
I am Completed 1.6 lots
I am cannot wihdraw From My Account.
Account Number :130501

@Shahin: Did you read the terms and conditions correctly and understand what you need to do in order to withdraw your funds?

this broker have give me $7 in riil money,good broker
a lot of my friend trade with this broker.try it and take profit. and now my balance is 186$ from welcome bonus .

Dwi Hananto

I would recommend a broker PAXFOREX / Especially for beginner traders. They have very good support. The website is clear. It's easy to use it. Accessible and intuitive massage investor, quick and easy recording and a quick check of the data. I have nothing but good experiences with PAXFOREX. I've never had any problems. Greetings to all.


As a beginner, PaxForex offers you the opportunity to participate in the forex market risk free with a no deposit bonus. They also offer trading recommendations direct to your email so one can always use this feature if they are not sure of what trades to place. The leverage offered is up to 1:500 and they also do offer 100% deposit bonus for those intending to increase their initial capital outlay. Overall i would recommend Pax forex as their customer service is friendly and to the point.

well to be honest with you paxforex has been a good and great broker my reason for the above statemennt is because of the following reasons.
1. with you are sure of tight spread in relation to other broker
2. withdrawals are implemented same day of request
3. the bonus offer are quite amazing and no difficult with terms of condition of bonus offer when one applied for them
4. the mt4 execution is relative to speed of light
5. impresive customer support and response.
with the above said itemized information i bleieve giving in to trial will surely convince you about them. thanks

before PaxForex i experienced 3 brookers and i had succes in my trading, but they used to have 3 or 4 pips on average for every pair even till 8 pips for one of them, also i had a really good support, and i noticed a high efficency of the execution of the orders, PaxForex is really one of the most performant brooker, PaxForex has a lot less pips this is why i was interested but unfortunatly i stop for some time trading and i will be very happy to restart trading with PaxForex.

I Have started my cooperation with Paxforex recently. Personally I was tempted by low sperades, the lack of slippage and swaps,the minimal requote as well as the easy to understand and user-friendly website. Also like Pax forex Quick order execution.I was right to choose paxforex when I came on the financial market as a trader. Paxforex Personnel & Technical support service are really Friendly. I wish Paxforex company a flourishing business and big Growth.

hi , i was searching for a broker that is all in one A1. But does not
meet the requirement because some are very good in something but fail
in another way. means we need to have a secure to our fund coz in this
world there is so many traders that they try to earn very hardly and
but they didnt get there profit to there pocket coz of the some scam
brokers. making profit on forex market is not so easy. and but if so
the first problem is solve but also we need a very fast and good execution
broker not only the very good customer support is also needed that is
very friendly to their clients that is always read to help us. so
after going long round gol gol finally i found PAXFOREX that i meet
my all requirement. ther spread is also very tide and if sometime if
we are confuse about trading decision making then there daily recommendation is also good
. thanks to paxforex
to be such a good and honest forex broker

Thanks for all your feedback on PaxForex!

I am just surprised about their fast platform.It processes order blinking of an eye.Customer service is well and responsive.After withdrawal from acc. no.148911, I can say that they are good in withdraw too.

Thanks for your comment Fahim.

pax forex is good experience and good broker.fixed spread , I have never made ​​a profit of this with another broker.

Thank you for your comment rosy.

PaxForex is a good broker for new traders. They are running a promotion right now where they will give you $7 to start your trades with. When you combine that with their 500:1 leverage, that is a good little bit of trade capital.

Overall, I favorably recommend this broker to anyone who is new to the game, or any seasoned traders who may be looking for a change!

PaxForex is a good broker for new traders.Bonus $7 to start.Good experience and good spread.500:1 leverage. Recommend PaxForex is a good broker for new traders.
acc. no. 155403

I am so much impressed to trading with paxforex. Their fast execution, low spread , high leverage and best customer support really impressed me. I am happy to trading with paxforex and they have a no deposit bonus programme, which give the beginner to trading without any investment. Paxforex is a trust-able broker i have seen before.

Thanks for your comment Aamal.

CHOWDHURY account # 159413
pax forex is best broker in the world and good broker.fixed spread, good support level. i am happy paxforex

pax forex is best broker in the world and good broker.fixed spread, good support level. i am happy paxforex

I come through this describe my evaluation of Paxforex, this company has a bold team, customer support via chat or e-mail are great, the employees are not simply attendants, they understand the forex business.
The Paxforex has bonus offers packages that range from beginners to the most experienced opereadores.
I recommend this broker mainly for the honesty of what they promise.

Good evening everyone, PaxForex very high quality and convenient services, like online support and promotions that they provide to their customers a lot of options for the deposit and withdrawal of funds with minimum percentage. Actually, I think this is the most reliable service, at least I was happy with everything.

The most awesome site! payments and all on top!

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