Thursday, March 14, 2013

US Air Force removes reports from Drone Strikes

I am getting ready to leave the office and head over to the elevators. Our Chief Military Officer joins me on the way down to the parking garage. We engage into small talk about the move to Monaco and our increase security features. The CMO is in charge of all military related activity we engage into and we work closely together as financing our missions is as essential as planning them and carrying them out.

He asks me if I heard about how the U.S. Air Force decided to stop reporting data on drone strikes in their monthly air power summaries. Now the government which pushes, thankfully with no positive results, for full transparency in the financial system and labels us the pirates of the financial world decides to be hypocritical and reports less on what the favorite toy of the military is doing.

U.S. Central Command, which oversees activity in Afghanistan, issued a statement that data was removed due to misappropriate focus on drone activity as it only recorded carried out air strikes which account for roughly 3% of drone activity while the remaining 97% is focused on reconnaissance.  Drones have become focus of attention on Capitol Hill after Dumbama nominated his chief counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan as new CIA director. Brennan is the chief architect of the drone campaign.

There is concern that Dumbama, Chief Abuser of the U.S. Constitution, will use drone strikes against U.S. citizens within the United States. The removal of drone data only points to two very obvious developments:
Drone strikes will increase with less confirmed data and in more countries. The CIA will request more drone strikes especially in the Middle East in order to neutralize threats to national security. The appointment of Brennan as new CIA director confirms this theory. U.S. ground forces will be withdrawn which makes the presence of unmanned aerial drones for reconnaissance as well as air strike purposes a necessity in order to maintain control of the region.

Dumbama plans to use drones within the Unites States for the same purposes they are being used in Afghanistan. There will be an increase of aerial surveillance as well as drone strikes against targets which operate in the country. The constitutionality of such a move is under debate and it may take years for a solution which is why the Chief Abuser of the U.S. Constitution decided to take matters in his own hands and circumvent the process of approval.

I thank our CMO for the update as well small talk as we arrive in the parking garage and make our way to our vehicles. I have skipped lunch and am starving as I enter my car. It is almost 2100 hours and I decide to head to a restaurant before I go home. The day has been hard, long and stressful and I long for a nice relaxing massage at the spa; maybe another day. The sun is set and I enjoy my drive through the city as the moon shivers in the Mediterranean. Priceless!


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