Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bloomberg Fails at News Reporting

I am headed to the elevators as I have to leave the office for a quick meeting as the personal assistant of our CMO joins me for the ride down to the parking garage. She is one of the new employees at our firm and from what I have heard she is a nice fit. She greets me with a smile which I politely return. She asks me which floor I need and she quickly realizes we have the same destination.

As the elevator starts to descend she turns my way and asks me if she may point out something to me. I look at her and can tell she is very tense at the moment. I stop the elevator and tell her to go ahead. She breathes a sigh of relieve and takes her Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which we all received as we struck a deal with Samsung rather than with Apple, and opens an article she bookmarked which was published over at Bloomberg.

The headline of the article read: Kansas’s Self-DestructButton: A Bill to Outlaw Sustainability. The headline struck me as very odd and she asks if she may read the article aloud to me. I insist on it and she presents the article to me. The center-piece of the article evolves around House Bill No. 2366. The article was written by Tom Randall who happens to be Bloomberg’s own Deputy Sustainability Editor and by his own accounts grew up in the Sunflower State.

House Bill No. 2366 would prohibit spending of state as well as municipal funds on sustainable energy projects. At first I was shocked that Kansas would even consider such a move and Bloomberg’s headline sure does contribute to reader’s thinking that Kansas does not want to develop sustainable energy projects.  It is sad that Bloomberg would allow a communist retard like the author of the article to contribute to his news empire. Bloomberg is better than this.

Mr. Randall insists that readers read the full text of HouseBill No. 2366. After reading the bill and having the article of Mr. Randall in mind it is clear that the entire article is written in a very misleading format. On top of that it is clear that the author is socialist and member of Dumbama’s party which continue to urinate on our constitution.

House Bill No. 2366 is designed to outlaw state or municipal funds for sustainable projects, but private companies are welcome to build as they please. In other words, Kansas seeks to let the private sector develop the field and remain out of it. Kansas seeks to be a more capitalistic and free state, unlike what the socialist try to do. This means that Kansas can reduce socialistic spending and get on a path to manage their budget which will eventually lead to a decrease in taxes and spill over into sustainable economic expansion. Of course Dumbama’s socialist would hate to see a state succeed using a capitalistic approach.

Dennis Hedke is the author of the bill and yes he has ties to the oil and gas industry, and Kansas is the eight largest oil producing state in the U.S. Go ahead and claim that is the reason why House Bill No. 2366 was created. Kansas oil fields are dropping rather fast in production and reserves are being depleted. This bill only bans the spending of taxpayers money on project which are best left to the private sector.

Go and bite it you socialistic pricks with your misleading news agenda. Kansas does not outlaw sustainable development, it outlaws socialism!


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