Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Terror Attacks

I was having a late night reservation for two at Le Louis XV– Alain Ducasse as I heard the shocking news about the Boston Marathon terror attack. My phone rang immediately after the first bomb exploded near the finishing line. The assistant of our CMO called all senior executives to let them know about an ongoing terror attack in Boston during Patriot Day. I was shocked to hear the news, the first terror attack on U.S. soil since the September 11th terror attack which brought down the World Trade Center in my hometown.

My girlfriend has not arrived at the restaurant yet and I got on the phone with our contacts in Boston in order to find out more information. The Boston Marathon draws plenty of runners from all over the world and is one of the highlights of Boston.

Sources claim the terror attack was sophisticated, but no terror organization has yet claimed responsibility. One bomb went off near the finishing line on the row with all the international flags which lead to the finishing line. Shortly after the first bomb exploded, the second bomb went off and cause havoc. A third bomb exploded in what was claimed to be an unrelated attack while other sources claim there were two more bombs which did not go off and have been defused.

Three innocent people lost their lives, while 154 others have been hospitalized. 17 of those were reported to be in critical condition with an additional 41 in serious condition. It was also reported that at least ten individuals have lost extremities. The scene in Boston is horrible and brings back very dark memories. Earlier claims that the bombs contained ball-bearings have been dismissed. The bombs were most likely placed in trash cans which acted as shrapnel during the blasts.

The location of the blasts may indicate that maximum damage was not the main objective of the attack. No arrests have been made in association with the terror attack, but reports leaked that one person of interest was guarded at one hospital while another source leaked information that the population should be on the lookout for a black male with a foreign accent. He was clothed in a black sweatshirt and carried a black backpack as he tried to access a restricted area roughly five minutes before the first bomb exploded.

Authorities have asked everyone to send photos taken to them and that no detail was too small. The use of social media in this case has never played as an important role as it does and will do in the Boston Marathon terror attack case. The Boston Marathon is the oldest one in the world and dates all the way back to 1897. It does not only mark the arrival of spring in Boston, but also commemorates the day of the opening battle during the Revolutionary War.

Given the attack some wonder if the Boston Marathon will ever be the same again and as my girlfriend arrives at the restaurant I am on the phone with our CMO and discuss the matter further. There has not been any chatter or hints that an attack was imminent. I end the conversation with telling our CMO that everyone needs to makes sure the Boston Marathon will remain the same as it always has and not allow the terrorists to win. I hope there will be a record turnout next year in Boston and all all remaining big marathons this year from New York to London in order to show those cowards that they will never change our way of living with their terror attacks. May freedom live on forever!


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