Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mr. Obama Fumbles Boston Terrorist

I have called a meeting with my security personnel before lunch in order to discuss the overall security situation and potential threats against executive officer. The memories of last year’s attack on our office in Singapore are still relatively fresh. Six assassins were hired in order to take out three executive officers including myself. While all six have been processed, we still do not know about their contractor and who planned, financed and order the high-level attack.

Our security procedures have been overhauled and we think another attack is unlikely. I do have monthly meetings in order to get a better idea about the security risks as well as direct threats against us. I also assigned a task force lead by the chief of my personal security team in order to track down the unknown variables of the attack and determine who was behind it.

Last week’s Boston terror attacks do come up in our conversation, although a correlation between those attacks and the attack against us last year in Singapore is not present, as Boston felt safe as New York became a memory and on Patriot Day two brothers from Chechnya did carries out a cowardly attack during the Boston Marathon (Boston Marathon Terror Attacks).

On Tuesday there was an unrelated attack on the Senate via the use of Ricin in a letter send to a Republican Senator Wicker of Missouri. Wednesday was followed by an explosion at a Texas plant which left entire neighborhoods shattered and residents displaced as up to 35 lost their lives. On Thursday the Boston terrorists struck again, the older brother was killed during a firefight while one of the biggest manhunts in U.S. modern history started for the younger brother.

He was finally captured on Saturday, and of course the administration of the biggest scam in American history fumbled it as they proceeded to interrogations without reading him his rights. He may be from Chechnya, but he is an American citizen who does have constitutional rights. His socialists have voiced their anger towards Mr. Obama as he violated the rights of an American citizen which could backfire legislative procedures and the terrorists, which Dumbama failed to classify as such, may get a sentence which is far less than what a terrorist who is directly responsible for the death of at least five innocent humans should receive.

On the other hand Republicans are angered with Obama as he did not label the terrorist and enemy combatant with no rights. He has lost all his constitutional, civil and human rights when he decided to launch a terror attack. His Miranda rights were not read to him, and he remains in serious condition unable to communicate as a team of counter-terrorism agents stand by to question him.

All of this should be abandoned and a military commission should take over from here as a terrorist is an enemy combatant, regardless if he is home-grown or not. He may have information which could prevent another attack or at least reveal a terrorist cell within the U.S. He does not deserve the human treatment civil rights group call for as he denied his victims the same. Of course the administration of the incompetent future historic fraud Obama fumbled the case and showed the world a very weak America which may encourage other homegrown terror networks to step up their agendas and increase attacks against innocent human beings.

The U.S. has grown dangerously weak and all enemies to the country are well aware of that. We expect a severed destabilization of national security as more and more terror networks will attempt to strike the country, especially as Dumbama communicates a sign of extreme weakens to the rest of the world. It is sad for every American citizen that this idiotic caricature was allowed to rape the U.S. constitution for two terms.


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