Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ukrainian Killer Dolphins went AWOL

I arrived at the office early this Tuesday as I am well rested and finished my work-out much faster than anticipated. My personal assistant brings me my breakfast as I am prepared for my work day and strikes some casual conversation about the Ukrainian killer dolphins who went AWOL (Absence Without Leave, a military term when a soldier is not accounted for, but had no permission to be absent).

I ask her where she got that piece of information from and she replies with a counter-question about my knowledge of killer dolphins. She said she was quite surprised that there is such a thing as a killer dolphin since they must be among the nicest mammals on the planet, especially to humans as there have been plenty of reports where dolphins saved the life of humans in distress.

It is true and I add that dolphins are highly intelligent mammals which is why the military has trained dolphins back in the 70’s to perform tasks for several naval forces around the globe, but namely for the former Soviet Union as well as the U.S. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry denied reports that the dolphins went AWOL and also denied that such a program existed. They did acknowledge that they had a total of five dolphins which were used for non-military purposed and even loaned them to work with disabled children.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Black Sea Fleet was divided into Russian as well as Ukrainian fleets and the Ukrainian Navy received the dolphin commando. The dolphins are trained to use special knifes as well as pistols in order to attack and kill enemy divers, sniff out dangerous mines in the seabed and even attach explosive devices to enemy naval vessels. Ukraine currently has five dolphin commandos, three of them who escaped almost three weeks ago during a training exercise.

It is believed that the three dolphins went AWOL in order to search for mates as even dolphins have certain needs which they need to cater to. Their sex drive needs to be satisfied and since the Navy did not provide with maters for them they decided to go and look for sex partners on their own. It is very likely that the three commandos will return to their naval unit at the end of mating season.

According to a high-quality source it is not unusual for a few of the commandos to leave their units for this purpose, but that they always return back to their unit. Reports about killer dolphins or dolphin commandos are nothing new, but most deny that the mammals are trained for combat. The U.S. admits they use dolphin commandos for intelligence as well reconnaissance purposes.

Another report suggest that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia did not have the necessary finances in order to maintain their dolphin commandos which is why they decided to turn it over to Ukraine while another unit was reportedly sold to Iran. This is rather troublesome that Iran has dolphin commandos in their naval arsenal. Russia under the leadership of President Putin has most likely re-started a dolphin commando and added it to its naval forces among a strong modernization as well as military upgrade program thanks to the countries new riches, while the U.S. may be forced to abandon their commandos.


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