Thursday, May 16, 2013

IRS Scandal to Haunt Obama

As I arrive in the office today I see a completely different picture than yesterday. The depressive mood seems to be gone despite the lousy weather outside. My gamble has paid off and I was able to ignite the spark which blew away the pessimistic cloud. Sure, we are not anywhere closer and our problems remain but the point of view has shifted. Everyone is on board and it is a pleasant sight.

Sometimes when you push in the right direction you will get rewarded from unexpected sources. The IRS scandal will haunt the Dumbama administration and wiped away most of the political capital the Constitution Abuser had left. Republicans as well as Tea Party Activists received a nice gift only a period of patience and pain can deliver. After severing our ties with the administration we are pleased to see this reward.

The IRS was without leadership and had Steven Miller acting as interim Commissioner of the IRS. The IRS Cincinnati office targeted conservative groups who applied for tax exemption.  The Tea Party was the initial target while the socialists were left alone. Later on in order to avoid criticism the socialists were targeted at which point Dumbama decided to get angry. When the Tea Party as well as Republicans were targeted he did not know about it, or at least that’s the story those retarded pieces of dry cow feces spill to the general public.

Miller was question about it during a Congressional hearing and denied knowledge about this, we now know he simply took a page out of the Dumbama playbook and lied about the facts. The IRS identified what they call two rogue employees as the Dumbama tyranny claims they will work hand in hand with Congress in order to resolve the scandal. This is too little too late red bastards. You cheated your way into the White House, you cheated your way to a second-term thanks to a big shift in behind the scenes politics and now you are faced with a big scandal that will haunt you for the rest of this term and into eternity.

Now we will get more congressional hearings which will lead to more of the same. It is clear that the Dumbama administration enjoyed the fact that their tax dog targeted the right-wing as well as center-right wing fractions of U.S. politics. The current joke of an administration lost all of their political chips in essence over night as you can say the IRS denied Dumbama the tax credit.

This all bodes well for Republicans who currently control the House of Representatives and aim to storm the Senate in 2014. House Speaker Boehner demands prison sentences for the worst offenders; he did not single out Dumbama as the worst offender in this IRS scandal. The House Ways and Means Committee has scheduled a hearing for Friday and summoned Interim IRS Commissioner Miller as well as Inspector General Russell George.

The socialist-controlled Senate Finance Committee has a hearing scheduled for Tuesday. All 45 Republican Senators send a letter to the Jasper in the White House demanding full access to IRS records and claimed the American public has a right to know about the fraud and malpractice which took place in the IRS and was kept secret as long as possible.

It was also made public how confidential data arrived at the desks of ProPublica about conservative activist groups. ProPublica announced Tuesday that they requested 67 applications for non-profits groups and received 31 out of which 9 were not approved and should have never been received. The same Cincinnati office which targeted right-wing groups leaked the data to ProPublica which published six of those nine despite heavy objections by the IRS.

Do you need more scandals which show that Dumbama must have been fully aware of all scandals and refused take action as it would have thrown him of the re-election campaign?

Dumbama’s former Chairman of the Council of Economic AdvisersAustan Goolsbee, had tax information about Koch Industries, run by anti-socialist brothers Koch. Koch Industries is a private company and therefore Goolsbee was not supposed to have any tax information on them. The Dumbama administration claimed that the tax records were made public in two places. It later turned out that this was untrue and that the administration lied about it.

Keep fighting the good fight Koch Industries!

The list goes on and on and it is way overdue that the situation will be rectified. Unfortunately we have to endure another 44 months of this counter-productive economic as well as political bashing before it will be finally over. Patience will pay off and the administration is unable to cause further damage to the system than it already has. After the 2014 elections it is done and the Dumbama administration can only ride out the final two years, hopefully with more scandals uncovered which will eventually show the American public as well as the global population that Dumbama will go down as the biggest American fraud in modern history.


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