Friday, May 31, 2013

Russia Says No to No-Fly Zone of Syria

Our Chief Military Officer storms into my office with an increased level of anger. McCain’s surprise visit with Syrian rebels earlier this week has already started to back-fire. Not only did he pose with a known terrorist responsible for kidnapping innocent pilgrims, his calls for a no-fly zone over Syrian in order to assist rebel fighters was further destroyed thanks to Russia. Western nations may protests, but Russia does the right thing here and it is good to see at least one global power taking the right steps to prevent a total catastrophe in Syria.

Western countries have discussed setting up a no fly-zone over Syria in the same matter they have done over Libya which helped rebels overthrow the regime of Colonel Gaddafi. Our CMO is furious that an American senator would pose with a known terrorist who was identified by two of the kidnapped hostages. The message being send to the rest of the world is horrific. McCain supports military hardware to be sent to rebels, which will ultimately be used to fight Western countries as so many times before.

Russia, who stood on the sidelines as Western armies invaded the sovereign country of Libya, decided enough is enough especially out of the U.S. which seems to have forgotten that their military power is on the decline and no longer in a position to do as it pleases in the global arena. In direct response to call for a no-fly zone Russia decided to equip the Syrian military with advanced anti-air missiles which would pose a great threat to invading aircraft.

The S300 is one of the most advanced and most capable anti-air systems in the world today. It can track up to 100 targets simultaneously and engage 12 at the same time. The S300 surface-to-air missile will ensure that no Western or other military will attempt to create a no-fly zone which will not only safe life’s of innocent airmen, but also ensure that the rebels will have to end what they started on their own. International interference in Syria by means of military support needs to never be an option.

The two year long civil war is terrible and has killed over 80,000 people, but the rebels started it and they should not be supported in any form or fashion. President Assad can and needs to be dealt with on a diplomatic standpoint after the civil war will end and some sort of stability will return to Syria. After the Assad regime has restored order, humanitarian aid should be dispatched and not military units.

The S300, which would have not be shipped to Syria if it would have not been for calls for a no-fly zone, may pose a threat to Israel as well which is the biggest negative development out if it. Israeli airmen could be endangered as they ensure weapons remain out of the hand of terrorists and have, thankfully, attacked and destroyed several shipments to radical Hezbollah fighters.

Unfortunately Hezbollah has decided to join the war and sides with President Assad. This is a welcome relive for fighters loyal to the regime as Hezbollah will open new fronts to engage the rebels which will allow the Assad regime to deploy more troops to other parts of Syria in order to retake ground lost to rebels. This would have never happened if foreign governments would have not supported the rebels and stay out of affairs in sovereign territories.

Turkey, who unfortunately does allow the rebel forced to operate out of its own territory, has arrested 12 rebel fighters with ties to al Qaeda which is another indicator that the U.S. is open to support al Qaeda just to see Assad fall. Turkey should oust the opposition government and force all rebels out of its own territory in order to avoid a much larger spillover into its own country.

Further good news for Assad came from the rebel held city of Qusair, which is a strategically important city, and may soon be liberated from the rebels and power returned back to Syria. Rebel commanders are short on weapons just like rebels around Damascus are short on them which could lead to a victory for the Assad regime rather soon and may bring Syria one step closer to peace.


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