Monday, June 17, 2013

Enfinium International Review

Today we will take a look at Enfinium International, a broker out of Australia. They are not a forex broker only and offer traders Equities, CFD’s, Futures, Forex, and Commodities. Visitors are greeted by professional design and their website is easy to navigate.

They offer the popular MT4 platform with a minimum deposit of $1,000 and claims to offer NDD trading as well as STP and state on their website that they never trade against their clients. They are regulated in Australia and for the time being there is no reason for The Last Bear to think that this online broker has deceived potential clients. They seem quite open and honest which is the right approach for a broker.

It appears that forex trading is not their primary business unit, but that does not mean that traders should not take them into consideration. They offer maximum leverage of 1:500 and they offer what they call the Enfinium Trader Workstation without further information provided. They claim to work with 14 liquidity providers for best pricing and spreads appear to start above 2 pips on popular pairs.

We tried hard to find out more from what they present on their website, without success. This was rather unfortunate as we would have loved to bring you more about this online broker. Apparently tailored to retail forex traders without any tools to introduce new traders to forex which is slightly confusing as it appears they have not quite grown up and decided who to target.


We have nothing bad to report about them, but on the other hand aside from their claim to not trade against clients and being a NDD/STP broker we have nothing good to report either. In general there are brokers out there who present themselves better, and there are brokers out there who represent themselves worse. We are sitting on the fence with this forex broker and therefore have to give them two claws down.

The sole reason being we would have loved much more information without having to open an account or contacting them directly. Our gut feeling makes us believe that they are trying to sound bigger and better than they really are and just because they are regulated does not mean that there are no areas of concern, The Last Bear has roared!


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