Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mandela versus Obama

I am about to head out for a lunch meeting with two of our investors about an increase in investment activity and before I am leaving my office I take some time to reflect on the health situation of former South African President Nelson Mandela. Last reports have it that he is on life support and it appears that he may be nearing the end of his days walking among us.

Mandela is called the father of the South African nation as he was able to unite South Africa more than any other president and he was the first black South African President. Personally I admire what Mandela accomplished in South Africa and it is sad he had to endure all those struggles especially as a political prisoner. I do detest his socialistic ideas and his tremendous support of the UN as well as stark criticism of the Western world. Nevertheless I do respect him as a person despite our different views on so many topics and it is sad to see him in a condition of deteriorating health. I do keep him in my prayers.

Nelson Mandela united a racially divided country which makes me think about Mr. Obama, the first half white or half black individual depending on your point of view, who was allowed to move into the White House despite being constitutionally ineligible to do so. Mr. Obama has managed to divide the U.S. even more than it previously was.

Some moronic scholars make idiotic attempts to compare Mr. Obama to former President Mandela. Those who try to make a case do nothing more than display their utter lack of understanding and amuse us intellectuals with their pathetic descriptions which are at least good for a healthy laugh. Former President Mandela united a divided country, while Mr. Obama divided a semi-united country which is the first big difference.

While Mr. Obama shares some of the socialistic ideas former President Mandela idealized, Mandela will be or at least should be remembered for his positive contributions to South Africa and all the beneficial developments as a direct result of Mandela and his deputy F.W. de Klerk. They have paved the way for a united South Africa which is now among the Top 5 emerging markets and a member of BRICS. Regardless if one agrees with Mandela’s unfortunate socialistic views he deserves all the respect for his great accomplishments as well as contributions to the country he loved with all his heart despite or maybe due to the terrible treatment he received until the start of the 90’s.

Nelson Mandela did not give up following his dreams and realizing them and nobody can take that away from him. I do respect him very much for his spirit. There are not many individuals who have received the terrible treatment Mandela had to endure and still he did not allow it to derail him; if anything else he was inspired to work that much harder.

On the other side we have Mr. Obama who will and should be remembered for his daily abuse of the U.S. constitution as well negative impacts of his idiotic policies as well as ideas. Mr. Obama is the exact opposite of former South African President Nelson Mandela and any comparison which puts one great President who improved his country in so many ways and initiate drastic positive change on the same level as one individual who defrauded the American public and abuses the constitution while creating a bigger cultural divide and causing severe economic hardship is as pathetic and ridiculous as the claim that Mr. Obama is a legit 

President when even the Supreme Court of Justice acknowledged the fact that Mr. Obama does not possess the constitutional right to be in the White House, but was ordered to ignore the constitution on this.
I am headed to my meeting and keep thinking about the severe differences between President Mandela and Mr. Obama and how both are as different as black and white. Yes, both men are African but many tend to forget that Africa is a continent and not one country which further displays the stupidity among the general public. 


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