Monday, July 22, 2013

Israel takes measures to protects Eilat

I like doing business in Israel and with Israeli companies as they have moved to be proud owner of most tech start-ups in the world. Yes, you read that right; Israelis are home to a very young and intelligent talent pool and they start some fantastic global business and create countless great technologies, both in the military as well as civilian space.

Israel has one little eleven kilometer stretch of beach on the Red Sea which is nestled between Egypt to the west and Jordan to the east. The Egyptian town of Taba and the Jordanian port city of Aqaba are its closest foreign towns. As much as I love Israel for their innovation and free society as well as deep talent pool, I am concerned about certain security features as it always crosses my mind.

Eilat is of particular concern as the threat of jihadist attacks is growing thanks to the moronic interference of NATO members in the Libya which lead to the killing of the leadership and the plundering of arms depots where over 7,500 MANPADs went missing. Most of those ended up in the hands of al-Qaeda and other extremists who will use them to inflict as much damage as possible.

Eilat, besides offering Israel a strategically important naval base and Asian transportation as well as trading hub, accounts for roughly 25% of all foreign currency inflow into Israel. The increase in attacks, especially on commercial flights into Eilat did not go unnoticed and Israel has started to outfit Eilat bound flights with Israel’s own C-Music system which blinds missiles fired towards aircraft.

In addition to C-Music, Israel has also deployed its Iron Dome over the city and used plenty of new high-tech systems as well as manpower on the ground in order to detect potential attacks before they are carried out. That is what a sophisticated country does, you do not wait for an attack to happen; you prevent it from happening. You deal with real-world threats and do not create incidents in order to justify action.

The good news is that Egypt cooperates very well with Israel in order to choke the jihadist and make sure they are dealt with properly. Operation Hourglass was launched and it is an Israeli-Egyptian joint operation in the Sinai desert in order to locate and eliminate jihadists. The cooperation between both countries is a very welcome development.

The massive increase in military presence is well shielded from the public in order not to drive away the tourists, both foreign and domestic, it strives to protect. Eilat averages coral blue waters and 360 sunny days a year. It has been developed and its nightlife is a very attractive location. It is also a strategically very important location for Israel.

I am glad that Israel does not only have the financial and military strength, but also the intellect to manage their country as well as it does. We have our own proposal which I have designed for Israel in order to take them to the next level on a financial base which would provide the necessary financial firepower which is needed to keep the high-tech military upgraded, updated and operational.


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