Saturday, July 27, 2013

Syria reaches Agreement with UN

The civil war in Syria has been going on for over two years now and unfortunately the rebels and terrorists in Syria have not been silenced yet primarily due to the assistance from NATO members which to this day still puzzles me. I am walking down the wide corridor to our main conference room for a meeting with other chief executives and senior associated in order to discuss corporate matters and how we like to proceed with six of our current projects.

I am pleased that a sense of normalcy has returned after we relocated to Monte Carlo from Singapore, a move caused by the assassination attempts on three of our most senior C-level executives including my own. We were able to neutralize the thread, but our security is still working out on where the attack was ordered and sponsored. All we know it was a very sophisticated attack and a six –member assassin team worked on it.

One thing I never understood is how some NATO members fight terrorists in Afghanistan and support them in Syria. The U.S. is known to flip flop and try to stir things up, build and support a regime until it turns against them or is no longer useful which explains the growing rift between our corporation and the U.S. government which is a very sad development. We are disappointed over the UK’s pending involvement and pleased that Russia stands behind Syria to at least level the playing field.

President Bashar Assad’s government may not be liked by plenty NATO members, which does not give them the right to interfere. Syria did invite a UN team to Damascus for talks about how to move forward on an investigation which involves a chemical attack and massacre carried out by the terrorist on Khan al-Assal, a village outside Aleppo.

The UN team included chemical weapons expert Ake Sellstrom and UN Disarmament Chief Angel Kane who met Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem and his deputy in Damascus. Government forces are losing ground in the north including the strategically important city of Aleppo which the rebels took control over on Monday and was under government control since March. The al-Qaeda backed terrorists engaged into heavy combat for several weeks with government forces and scored a victory.

Back in March the rebels launched an offensive on al-Assal which left 31 people dead, a mix of innocent villagers and military personnel. The rebels are accused of using chemical weapons and committed war crimes and they continue to receive support from NATO members for this. This makes no sense and it is no time to play politics and interfere in Syria which is s sovereign nation. President Assad should be allowed to put this civil war behind all Syrians which left over 100,000 dead according to estimates since official figures are not available.

Monday’s fall of Aleppo left roughly 150 troops dead, one third of them executed after they surrendered to rebels which further shows what type of worthless scam the rebels and terrorists are and what type of garbage enjoys the support of several NATO members. I am negatively surprised by the atrocities which are being committed by al-Qaeda backed rebels and how they receive the support they do. I am sure to voice my concern during our meeting as I pass the security checkpoints leading into the conference room.    


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