Sunday, July 14, 2013

U.S. spies on EU

The U.S. spying on the EU has been leaked almost two weeks ago, but it still concerns me due to several reasons. I have scheduled a conference for later on today with all senior executives in order to discuss how we will deal with the U.S. bugging offices and computer systems of EU officials. They have used NATO headquarters in Brussels to spy on EU diplomats from all member countries which is not acceptable.

I am very dissatisfied with the EU response and take personal offense that the EU acts like a U.S. colony. I am offended because we are operating out of Europe and while we are not in an EU country, as the Principality of Monaco remains independent with unfortunate close ties to socialist France, it is rather unfortunate that the EU does not take the same or even more aggressive measures than if the situation would have been reversed.

The EU is the world’s biggest economy and it is understandable that the U.S. does not like to be nestled in the number two spot which China is soon to snap up and throw the U.S. down to world’s number three. That does not give the rapidly falling U.S. Empire the right to spy on its closest allies and makes you wonder how they approach other countries.

I am not too surprised that Neo-Nazi Germany still eats the feces dropped by the U.S. after they found out they have been classified as a category three country which basically means the U.S. does not trust it when it comes down to it. The UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have been classified as category two countries while the U.S. ranked itself category one which is normal and the only time the U.S. comes out on top is when they create their own rankings and model everything based on their failure.

Out of all countries, it was Germany’s ‘Der Spiegel’ who reported that former NSA contractor and current fugitive Edward Snowden offered a top secret report on how the NSA was bugging offices of EU diplomats and taped internal computer networks in order to spy on the EU and that the same document specifically labeled the EU a ‘target’.

I can only agree with the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn, who called this development ‘disgusting’. This will have severe negative implication on EU-U.S. relation s and the pending trade talks which were originally designed to create the biggest trade agreement in world history are sure to be derailed after the NSA document was leaked.

I think this perversion should end right now and all diplomatic channels need to be suspended until an entire sweep of the internal as well as external system has been conducted and until an investigation has been complete. One way or the other, the U.S. will pay the price for this breach of trust between strong allies. This plays well into the hands of Russia who call for much closer collaboration between the EU and Russia given that they are neighbors and economic partners much closer than the U.S.

I am personally disgusted with the development and we will discuss later on today how we can assist in any transition away from the U.S. and how to develop a much stricter tone when dealing with U.S. companies. I currently favor non U.S. partners as they do not have to play by idiotic rules created by a group of pathetic as well as nostalgic morons.


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