Wednesday, August 7, 2013

4 Israeli Soldiers hurt in Lebanon

We wrapped up July with decent performances in our trading accounts and boosted our forex trading activity. The Australian Dollar remains very challenging for the time being, but we expect a healthy August as equity markets are turning in our favor and our shorts are turning green already. We have a rather big project in the works and I am excited over it.

Speaking of challenging situations, I was just informed (as I type this) that four Israeli soldiers were wounded in Lebanon by a landmine. Israel borders Lebanon, as well as Syria, to the north and the border is highly guarded and very unstable at times. It is a real security concern for Israel.

The Iran backed Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah fought a war with Israel in 2006 which left 1,200 Lebanese and 160 Israelis dead. Israel has been the center of attacks my Islamic groups as well terrorists essentially since the creation of the Israeli state. I wish the four wounded soldiers a speedy recovery and trust they will return back to duty soon.

Israel offers tremendous business opportunities from their booming tech sector as well as military and energy sectors. Israel is a great partner to do business with and a bright spot in the Middle East. I am always looking forward to doing business with Israel.

I have to get back to the trading floor and put part of our portfolio to work. We need to raise the capital for our project and we do not believe in debt. We work with what we have and earn the money we need. This is the sensible way to operate a company, government or household. Unfortunately most do not grasp this and have it all wrong.


Are you in your senses? you are saying that Lebanon and Iran are performing terrorist activities against Israel? Then what the hell these Israelians are doing in Lebanon for last several years? These are actual terrorist who get into other's countries and perform terrorist activities just on the basis of their weapons. If you have courage then publish this comment and see the history and state the truth but i know you can't because you people are coward.

Let me try to answer your somewhat pathetic comment which I did have the courage to post as it is utter rubbish. I am 100% 'in my senses' as you put it. I am saying that Lebanon and Iran are sponsoring terrorism against Israel which is public knowledge and every somewhat educated person is aware of that.

Israel does not perform any terrorist activities unless you think battling terrorism is terrorism in which case you are even less intelligent than I want to give you credit for 'J'.

The truth is that Lebanon as well as Iran are sponsoring terrorism against the sovereign Israeli state and that Israel has all the right to not only defend itself, but stop any activities from happening.

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