Monday, August 12, 2013

Israel Approves 1,200 New Homes

After Israel saw four of its troops injured by a landmine inside Lebanon (4 Israeli Soldiers Hurt in Lebanon) it has now approved the construction of 1,200 homes in Jewish settlements located in the West Bank. Additionally Israel will release 26 Palestinian prisoners in order to continue peace talks, unfortunately led by the U.S., with the Palestinian territories.

Israel is set to meet with Palestinian negotiators later this week in Jerusalem after several months of no progress. I support the move by Israel as it is a sovereign country and free to build up real estate within Israel wherever it pleases.  Housing Minister Uri Ariel made similar comments as he announced plans to solicit construction bids for settlements in the West Bank as well as Eastern Jerusalem; Palestinians view both sectors as the core of their country which does not exist anywhere but in their minds.

Palestinians, misguided by ill-believes and wrong information, accuse Israel of war crimes in accordance to the Fourth GenevaConvention which is ludicrous. Only desperate and uneducated individuals would call the construction of a home in a country as a war crime. Palestinians pride them with the claim they won the West Bank in battle and it now belongs to them.

The West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip are part of Israel and Israel has the right to erect peaceful housing projects as well as military installations wherever in Israel they want. This remains a fact and if Israel decides to give part of their territory to the Palestinians than they will be their free choice. The creation of a Palestinian state could either assist peace and stability in the Middle East or escalate the situation and Israel needs to be careful. For now I am strongly against such a move until Hamas has been fully dissolved and denounced by Palestinians.

The release of the 26 Palestinian prisoners, 21 of whom have been convicted of homicide, drew sharp criticism as well as demonstration from family members of victims. The promised release of 104 prisoners over a multi-month period ensured peace talks could be initiated. I am strongly for a peaceful resolution, but Israel has the right to build homes in tis territories and is right not to bow to international pressures.
The West Bank as well as East Jerusalem were battle victories of the Israeli Defense Forces during the 1967 Middle Eastern War from Jordan. The war is also known as the Six Day War and Egypt, Jordan and Syria joined forces and were supported by Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan and the PLO.

Israel crushed the belligerents and most of their armies and established itself as the prime military power in the Middle East and as one of the prime, if not the prime, military in today’s global arena. Israel has now the right to build what and where they want within its territories and annex them as part of Israel.

I look forward to construction projects and we stand by to provide potential financing for those projects should there be an opportunity. Terrorist networks such as Hamas and the people who support them need to understand that the path they have chosen does not lead to a peaceful resolution.


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