Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Israel strengthens military ties with Egypt

I know that news flows out of Egypt have been hard and heavy, especially since last week. I am pleased to hear that Israel strengthens military ties with Egypt for two reasons. My primary reason is that it increases security in the very volatile Sinai Peninsula where jihadist attacks as well as other terrorist activity has surged since July with plenty of murdered Egyptian security personnel. My second reason is that it once again shows that it does not matter if the U.S. supports a country or not as there are others who are happy to fill the void.

The U.S. wants to decrease assistance to Egypt as it should do as the country is broke and needs to borrow from other countries in order to offer assistance. In essence whenever the U.S. claims they will support a country or government it is really a matter of another country supporting them through the U.S.

The cooperation between the Egyptian military and Israeli Defense Forces is going great as both parties work towards the same goal which will benefit all. Egypt alienated other Arab countries after it signed a peace treaty with Israel after the Six-Day War. Egypt did not care what foreign allies thought about the move as they acted in the countries best interest.

The pullback from the U.S. is a very positive sign and it will allow Israel and Egypt to increase their cooperation. Israel already allowed Egypt to boost its troops in the Sinai Peninsula which is another sign that both countries are working together. Israel remains quiet about the much needed military crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, unlike the U.S. where Mr. Obama is allowed to ruin what’s in the best interest for the U.S.

Egypt is the strongest Arab ally the U.S. has, or better had, and the military under the leadership of General el-Sisi want to create a democratic, pro-western state rather than an Islamic nation which explains why he ousted the Muslim Brotherhood. The U.S. does not support that which shows the lack of leadership in the White House which operates without a constitutional president.

The Sinai Peninsula, bordered on one side by the Suez Canal, is also home to major natural gas traffic and after Hosni Mubarak was replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood there have been several bombings which damaged natural gas pipelines and had a big negative economic impact on Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood fails to comprehend how the economy works and every Egyptian who calls himself intelligent should support the Egyptian military.

I am also pleased that Egypt closed its border crossing into the Gaza Strip which halted several communication as well as movement channels between the Muslim Brotherhood and its ally Hamas which is another terrorist network. I am glad Israel as well as Egypt are working closer together which also protects our business interest in the region.


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