Sunday, August 18, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Ban

After following the developments in Egypt over the past two months and especially after the government decided to act and remove the trash from the streets the situation has heated up. As the Muslim Brotherhood build their encampments those cowards moved their entire families into the camps with them which means countless women and innocent children were used as human shields hoping security forces would not act.

After they were asked by the government to leave the Muslim Brotherhood refused to do so and now crossed another line as they have barricaded them inside a mosque. This just shows that this huge Islamist group has no values and shows no respect or understanding. General el-Sisi acted in the appropriate manner and after the Muslim Brotherhood was invited be join a new government they refused.

Give their actions and cowardly behavior the Muslim Brotherhood should be banned from public offices and labeled a terrorist network. Saudi Arabia, one of the key allies of Egypt, support their reactions to this this thread as the Kingdom tries to avoid the spread of the idiotic messages of the Muslim Brotherhood to other Gulf kingdoms.

Egypt has announced that it considers the option to dismantle the Muslim Brotherhood and force them underground. The fact that the Muslim Brotherhood first used women and children as a human shield and then invaded a mosque both show deep ties and maybe even deeper rooted ideologies shared with known terrorist networks.

Western media did a terrible job covering events in Egypt and should be banned as well as their negative propaganda and incorrect news reporting is not only extremely counterproductive, but also unnecessarily moronic. Either cover the news and show how the Muslim Brotherhood terrorizes Egypt or get the out and shut up. The Western media has done the same with developments in Syria.

The Muslim Brotherhood attacked a military convoy carrying their terrorist brothers to a prison and opened fire on them which left 36 dead as members of the Muslim Brotherhood tried to escape. They have done enough damage and the Egyptian military should use all necessary force to extinguish this fire started by this group of terrorists which has plagued the Arab world since 1928.


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