Thursday, August 29, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Arrested

I am pleased to get an update out of Egypt which states that al-Beltagi, the secretary general of the Freedom and Justice Party, has finally been arrested and accused of violent crimes against the Egyptian people. I find it ironic that the terrorist network formed a political party with the nouns freedom and justice in it. The Freedom and Justice party is the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood who nurtures ties to other terrorist networks like Hamas in the Palestinian territories.

According to the state-run news outlet Mena al-Beltagi will be help at Cairo’s Tora prison quoting an unnamed security official. I think it makes little sense to tell the Muslim Brotherhood where one of their key figures will be imprisoned as it is likely that the terrorists will try to free him by force. It appears that the information as leaked to the media by someone within the current government who is a sympathizer of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The tactics used by the Muslim Brotherhood are cowardly and while they claim they seek peaceful protests every intelligent person knows better. Those who support the terrorist network which hides behind freedom and justice and unites with a name like brotherhood, answer the following questions please:
  • When you were asked to leave peacefully over one week in advance, why did you not do so?
  • Why did you move your families into the camps and used women and children as human shields?
  • Why did you hide armed terrorists in the crowd you called peaceful?
  • Why did you kill security forces if you parade around like morons screaming peace everywhere?
  • Why are you uneducated and who is to blame for that?

Al-Beltagi was sought by authorities for over three weeks and during this time he made daily appearances in order to ensure the violent and deadly protests will continue. He is partially responsible for all the blood spilled in the streets of Egypt. I am glad that the new military-backed government will block this organization like it was before and it should force it out of the country. The Muslim Brotherhood caused nothing but terror and hardship.

They were invited by the new government to join and offered a seat at the table which they refused which clearly shows that they do not wish to be part of a better Egypt, they want to create a radical Islamist country where terror will reign on a daily base. It is good to see that at least half of Egypt is against it and wants to work hard to create a better country for all.

I think Egypt is vital for the region and I am glad the military protects the Suez Canal from the terrorists seeking to destroy the country. Egypt is full of opportunities and I am looking forward to the return of some stability in order to take advantage of those. There are plenty of companies on stand-by who will love to re-enter the country after the Muslim Brotherhood has been silenced.


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