Wednesday, August 28, 2013

US Aims for Iraq 2.0 with Syria

I have been in and out of emergency meetings as a direct result of the pathetic claims and conclusions made by the US government in regards to Syria. Without further notice and once again bypassing international law and procedures the US government under the lack of leadership by Mr. Obama has held the Assad government responsible for a chemical attack which killed over 1,300 and has not been inspected yet.

The US made the claims in order to support possible military intervention against yet another sovereign country without any legal grounds and most importantly based on speculations and not facts. A UN chemical weapons team is on the ground and will expect the side while US Minister of Defense Hagel sated that US troops are ready for a strike which is not only a moronic statement given how stretched the US military is while fighting on two fronts already, it is also against the recommendation of the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff which happens to be the highest general in command and is only outranked by the office of the President.

Since the White House currently operates without a constitutionally eligible President for five years, it makes General Dempsey the rightful commander in chief and the military should take his orders and not the orders of a President who should have never been in the White House the begin with. It now appears as if the lack of leadership will move forward against the advice of General Dempsey who called any military intervention idiotic and asked the White House not to put American troops at risk for no reason while urged Mr. Obama to expand humanitarian aid.

US diplomats also cancelled high level diplomatic meetings with Russian counterparts who asked everyone to keep a cool head and not over-react while stressing the importance of a peaceful and diplomatic solution with a proposed transition government. Russia has warned against military action and China has weighted in through backdoor channels and asked all parties not to jump to conclusions.

The US was idiotic enough to assume the Assad government used chemical weapons and it appears that only superpowers Russia and China were not fooled by the terrorists who have used chemical weapons against their own supporters in order to draw the US and several key allies into the war. The US was dumb enough to fall for it and France jumped right in after it as an unofficial war counsel was help where the US, key Western allies as well as remaining Arab allies met and discussed a military intervention in Syria.

The US is repeating the exact same mistakes it has made before the Iraq war and used wrong information as an excuse to start a war, for which it later apologized, but it was too late and Iraq is still in ruins and will remain so for a very long period of time.  

The world can’t allow the US and a few allies to ruin yet another country by using wrong and incomplete information to start a war and create an even bigger problem. While the civil war in Syria is terrible, it only lasted this long BECAUSE the US and allies are supplying the terrorists with assistance and now they want to enter with heavy weapons against a sovereign country because they were blinded by the truth.

The US sees what it wants to see and is blinded what actually is going on; if anything the Assad government needs to be supported in order to end this civil war and return Syria back to a stable country in the Middle East.


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