Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Iran-US Handshake; Not so Fast

I am headed to my office I get a call from my personal assistant who fills me in with some of the latest developments around the world and with the progress of our business interests in several key regions. I have an important conference call right when I get to the office and am rushing through early morning traffic.

We briefly discuss Iran as their new President Rohani flew to New York in order to address the United Nations. Rohani, who is a cleric, was rumored to potentially meet with Obama. Leaders from the US and Iran have not met since 1979. Iran decided that the time is not right to meet with US officials, but there is hope for a potential meeting between both sides at a later time.

Maybe Iran is waiting to meet with a US President who is actually eligible by its constitution to be President in order to make it official. Hassan Rohani is believed to deliver a friendlier foreign policy and is rumored to seek to improve relations whit the West. He did promise to revitalize the Iranian economy which is being hammered by sanctions form the West as a result if its nuclear program.

While Rohani did say he was open for talks, but he did give no confessions and stated that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful and nuclear weapons have no place in his countries doctrine. Iran does consider the US untrustworthy and they have plenty of reasons to do so, especially after the Snowden leaks and scandal.

Iran has been isolated for a prolonged time and most likely will remain in this stage. Plenty of Iranians do not like the picture most have in mind when it comes to Iran which is one of an unfriendly and hostile nation. Iran does nurture ties to terrorists and helps train them while it also support financial support to them which cause additional strains in diplomatic relations.

Hardliners and fundamentalists in Iran view the US as enemy number one and will not be convinced otherwise until the US is destroyed. This mindset basically ensures that no lasting positive progress can be made and it is likely that regardless of who is President of Iran, the country will remain isolated until the thinking there changes. 


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