Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Russia offers Syria Resolution

I just got off the phone with one of our contacts who confirmed the press reports about a Russian proposal to solve the Syrian issue and avoid yet another mistake by the US. I think every intelligent human being is against a US military strike which would not solve anything. Up until now my hopes were that the US lack of leadership will listen to General Dempsey who advised against any military action on Syria.

The US under the ridiculous joke who degrades the White House decided to go against the advice of their top general, and in my opinion the true commander in chief of the US armed forces until a constitutional president is elected in 2016, and play as if the US runs the show and everyone will listen to it.

The US pushed for war and the clown who curses himself Secretary of State John Kerry sounded like he is actually convinced that a strike would be limited and beneficial. He further stated that the entire US intelligence community is convinced that President Assad used chemical weapons against his own people.

You remember the US intelligence community, don’t you?

The same guys who told the world that Iraq under Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, including a series of chemical as well as biological weapons. The world listened and trusted the intelligence and the US invaded Iraq only to find out the information was 100% wrong. The war is still ongoing and there is no end in sight for the misery Iraqi’s face thanks to the US intelligence community.

Fast forward to Syria and you find the exact same scenario plays out. The US was close and is still close to striking Syria, but they do not think about what will happen after that. Russia urged everyone remain committed to a diplomatic solution and China supported the notion as well. Only the US was pushing for war yet again which would put innocent soldiers on the line for no reason.

This clearly shows the lack of leadership from the US and is yet another sign that the US is by no means a global leader on the diplomatic or financial front. Times have changed and old powers become new powers while existing powers crumble.

Russia offered to step in as a world leader and stated that it will work together with the Syrian government in order to seize the entire Syrian chemical stockpile and place it under international control which would destroy all agents in a safe manner. This is how a true leader acts.

It was well planned by Russia and the execution was perfect. While the US, with only France on their side, pushed for war, Russia pushed for diplomacy and made an offer which Syria as well as the entire intelligent international community applauded. 


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