Monday, September 16, 2013

Syria UN Resolution

I just got off the phone with one of our contacts who has confirmed to me that Syria will be given a serious chance to disclose as well as hand over its chemical weapons to the international community so they can be decommissioned and destroyed. This is a rather welcome development which took place on Saturday morning.

The US wanted to use military action against Syria and acted like an angry child which threw a tantrum for no reason. Russia stepped in and acted like a true global powerhouse as it proposed to solve the issue in a diplomatic way and after meeting US counterparts in Geneva on Saturday even the leaderless US announced that a deal was reached according to Russian guidelines.

Now the US and its sole Western ally France joined the UK who seek a very strong UN resolution where Syria will get punished if necessary by force if it fails to comply to the terms and condition set forward and brokered by Russia in order to eliminate chemical agents which have been outlawed for close to a century.

In return the US will move away from its aggression towards the country while it may continue to sponsor the terrorists for now. Personally I am glad that Russia stepped in and demonstrated to the world once again how a global leader presents itself as it out its own reputation on the line on behalf of a much weaker country which may have been hours away from being attacked by a much bigger aggressor for no reason.

On top of that Russia brokered a deal which paved the way for a diplomatic solution while it will continue to allow the government of Assad to deal with the US sponsored terrorists which he hopefully will crush sooner rather than later and put Syria back on a path to peace and calm.

Syria is best advised to fully comply and it is my understanding that it will do so. Even the US admitted that Syria has moved chemical weapons around, but only to more secure site locations controlled by Assad forces so that they may not fall into the wrong hands while the US also admitted that at least two locations were under the control of the terrorists which it supports.

Russia understood that the chemical attacks have been carried out by the terrorists in order to draw less intelligent countries like the US into the civil war raging in Syria for over two years. China, which stayed out of the mainstream media about this topic supported Russia in the UN Security Council and vetoed a military strike as proposed by the US.

I am convinced that Syria will turn over its chemical weapons and comply with the UN resolution while Russia came out the biggest victor from this conflict while the biggest loser is the US which did a great job damaging its already damaged reputation.


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