Wednesday, October 2, 2013

US Government Shut-Down

After 17 years the US government is once again shut-down for lack of funding. My colleagues and I are sitting in the conference room and are rather amused by the fact that the whole world witnesses the pathetic lack of leadership in the White House. Events like this make me happy and further show that our move to pull out most of our investments out of the US was indeed the right one.

The moron who is allowed to run the White House has ignored the economy and pushed his socialist agenda as far as possible and now, thanks to the Tea Party, the debt limit has not been raised; at least not for now. The clown who calls himself President pushed his Dumbamacare, an idiotic health care reform which is opposed by 57% of the population, and now arrived at a huge embarrassment.

I am glad that the Tea Party has given him a we-don’t-care attitude and hopefully forces some positive changes. This shut-down will likely only be temporary, but we are all allowed to hope for a prolonged shut-down which will teach the socialists and their supporters a lesson.

The red pest which has invaded the US wants to increase taxes and borrow even more money from foreign governments in order to keep the illusion alive that the US is a strong and powerful country. The sad truth is that the US has become nothing more than a little bitch to rich foreign governments such as China and Russia and is not really allowed to do anything without their permission.

The US runs around the world screaming freedom, but has sold itself already and does not enjoy any freedom. It is time that the public awakens from their fairy tale and face reality. The US is in similar shape than Greece is with the difference that nobody cares to assist the US thanks to their idiotic foreign policy.

We will not get the September NFP report which really does not matter. The report will point to a weak labor market and low quality job creation which will not benefit the economy. The housing market may be impacted a lot more than other parts of the financial system and forex traders should trade the USD with caution as we may witness violent swings which will also present great opportunities.

The worthless USD is a bit oversold and we may experience a minor counter-trend move in order to lose extreme conditions before the USD bashing will continue. Expect the GBPUSD as well as the EURUSD to finish 2013 at the highs for the year.

We will now resume our conference, but the government shut-down gave us reason enough to be amused about misstep after misstep out of the crumbling and burning US. That is what you get when you force top talent out of the country and execute your socialist agenda.


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