Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 - An Exciting Year?

Today is the real start of trading for 2014. Sure, we had two trading sessions last week which were plagued by low volume as most traders were still away on sometimes much deserved and earned vacation times. Today is the first full trading week of 2014 and most if not all traders are back in front of their trading desks.

There are plenty of great things to look forward to in 2014 and we here at The Last Bear decided it is time to crank it up and take it to the next level as this blog evolves and matures. We understand that you guys reading this blog are out there in the forex market trying to pip away every day. 

It is Monday after-all so we decided to roll it back a few decades and thought this song and video will provide the perfect start for the first full trading week of 2014:

Now that you enjoyed a nice classic, here is what you can expect from The Last Bear in 2014:
  1. Each Monday we will provide you a valuable forex lesson or discuss an important even which will move currency pairs in order to give you an educational leg up on the other forex traders who do not read this blog. Feel free to submit any questions you have to us or educational topics you may want us to cover.
  2. Each Friday we will give you a free forex trade which we will trade in our very own forex portfolio. You should always conduct your own analysis and not blindly follow our trades, but please share your experiences if you do trade one of our recommendations.


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