Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Forex Tutorials: How to save your MT4 Profile

Today we will cover a big problem many forex traders face when it comes to MT4; How to save your MT4 Profile? One of the most time consuming tasks when it comes to setting up your MT4 platform is customizing it and organizing your currency pairs as well as trading charts. When you deal with technology and software a dozen things can go wrong and it can be very frustrating if you have not backed up your MT4 profile.

A little tip for the newbies: Do not install your MT4 platform on your system drive, but opt to install it on another drive as this will give you full access to save your profile, templates and currency sets.

Here is how you save your MT4 profile:

1. Open your MT4 forex trading platform by double clicking the MT4 icon on your desktop.

2. Once you have set-up and customized your MT4 forex trading platform click on File which is by default located in your top menu bar. From the drop-down menu Profiles and then select Save As as visible in the picture below:

3. Select the name you wish to save your MT4 profile under as you will see the following window pop-up after you click on Save As and confirm by clicking OK:

Now you can save your MT4 profile and do not have to worry about spending potentially hours on customizing your MT4 forex trading platform should you have to re-install your platform.


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