Monday, February 24, 2014

Forex Tutorials: How to speed up MT4

Today's forex tutorial will quickly discuss a little tweak in your MT4 platform many are not aware of. I think to most traders this may not even be important, but to the more serious crowd this could result in a minor increase in profits over time. When it comes to trading speed does matter and this performance tweak can make your trading charts a little faster when it comes to loading it as you move between time frames.

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Here is how to speed up MT4:

1. Open your MT4 forex trading platform by double clicking the MT4 icon on your desktop.

2. Now click on Tools and from the drop down menu select Options as visible in the picture below:

 3. Select the Charts and adjust the Max bars in history and Max bars in chart to 5,000 as shown in the picture below:

This will speed up the load time of your charts while you still receive all the information you need.


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